The Resolving of Our Seeking

The Following is a copy of the text that I used as the basis of my Spoken Presentation at Homecoming 2016.

The Resolving of Our Seeking

My Presentation today is on the nature of our Seeking. What is it? How does it present itself? What Frustrations does it lead to? What can we learn from it, and how do things ‘resolve’ as part of our Seeking. Seeking is something that we all become aware of at some point in our Lives; some would say they were born with it, and never lived without it. For others, it’s something that kicks into high gear later in our Lives, which then motivates much directed, albeit sometimes much confused, activity. But if there’s one thing I can say with some Certainty, it’s that everyone here, listening, has had this Seeking Impulse put into motion; mere curiosity is not enough to have made us travel such a long way. We’ve all deliberately chosen to be in this Space that we currently are.

So what is Seeking? What is it’s Nature? What is it’s Purpose?

In the Law of One, Ra mentions a phenomena that they call the ‘upward spiralling Light’. This is an aspect that is fundamental to Creation, as it is everpresent, in all places, and cannot in any way be extinguished. This ‘upward spiralling Light’ is present in every atom, every cell of a piece of spinach, is present in the consciousness of a Dog or a Cat; it’s a quality which motivates higher density beings, it’s present in our life-giving Sun. And, finally, of course, it is something which is inherent in the nature of human consciousness.

This upward spiralling Light is ubiquitous, and finds expression in many ways. But it is something truly fundamental. It is everpresent.

So how does that tie into the nature of Seeking, and today’s topic?

Well, this upward spiralling Light desires to know itself more, and become more aware and conscious of what it is. So it finds all sorts of Expressions; from the basic and simple, like the loving earth and grass around us; to the more complex and convoluted, like the consciousness of human beings. But it seeks to become more aware and integrative; as that is it’s very nature. It desires to grow, in other words.

But Growth in itself is not effortless. It takes a matching of the desire to grow; which is an awareness of what we are seeking, and pairing that with our present Situation, and seeing that it has the perfect parameters to inform the nature of our Seeking.

But maybe that sounds like a Word Salad to you: put more simply; we ourselves are a Question, and everything in Life around us, is the Answer. We just have to become more aware of what the ‘Question’ we are asking is.

/ /

So to seek is inherent in who we are. The big shift comes about when we are much more aware of the Process, and are able to facilitate it more.

So how does that come about? How can we facilitate our Seeking?

There is a beautiful quote which comes from Session 83 of the Law of One. It goes:

“Those of like mind which together seek shall far more surely find.”

So being in good company is extremely helpful in this process.

/ /

Another way to bring our Seeking more closer to clarity is to increase our sensitivity to the Feedback of Life. In Ra’s terms, this would be the processing of Catalyst, and being able to acknowledge things at an earlier stage of the Process, rather than a later one, when things have escalated. But this is not always easy: as sometimes things have to become really exaggerated, before we pay attention to it. We don’t even see that there is a problem, until it has become one. But many times, we can ‘feel’ that things have gone off-course, and rather than continuing to plunge into wilderness, we can take a moment to stop, and try to ‘query’ what is going on. But again, this is not always the easiest, as many times we just don’t have enough ‘information’ to clarify the Situation.

This is where Dreams and Meditation can help, as more introspective processes.

Dreams can be very helpful, as it serves as a ‘bridge’ from the conscious mind to the unconscious. In Ra’s words (Session 86):

“The activity of dreaming is an activity in which there is made a finely wrought and excellently fashioned bridge from conscious to unconscious. In this state the various distortions which have occurred in the energy web of the body complex, due to the misprecision with which energy influxes have been received, are healed. With the proper amount of dreaming comes the healing of these distortions. Continued lack of this possibility can cause seriously distorted mind/body/spirit complexes.”

So dreaming can serve as a healing function. But it is also extremely helpful to comprehend what has been healed, and why. And that’s where the post-dream analysis comes into play, as it serves to increase awareness of ourselves and our interpretations, so that such Situations do not need to repeat themselves in the Future. It is very much a learning Opportunity.

In regards to Meditation, this is just taking an opportunity to honor the pathway of our Life, and trying to be more honest and sincere about what and why we are doing things. It’s much more than just ‘quieting the monkey mind’. It’s then using that quiet space for a specific purpose. Again, from Ra (Session 49):

“The passive meditation involving the clearing of the mind, the emptying of the mental jumble which is characteristic of mind complex activity among your peoples, is efficacious for those whose goal is to achieve an inner silence as a base from which to listen to the Creator. This is an useful and helpful tool and is by far the most generally useful type of meditation as opposed to contemplation or prayer.”

And if we are ‘listening to the Creator’, we are doing nothing more than just listening to Ourselves, albeit at a more deeper and profound substrate.

So in short, both Dreams and Meditation can help elucidate our Seeking, and give it firmer ‘context’.

/ /

So back to the title of today’s Presentation. The Resolving of our Seeking.

My premise is that we can’t help but seek, and that it’s the nature of consciousness to expand the domain of itself. But it also desires to have a conscious comprehension of it’s seeking; and so when we are able to articulate an Understanding about our Seeking, then it has effectively been “resolved”. Until then, it will keep surrounding us with clues, and we will notice bits and pieces of change, but not grasp the subterranean Meaning.

/ /

Positive and Negative Seeking?

So how does this Seeking concept tie into polarity, and the two ways of knowing the Creator – that is, the positive path and the negative path.

Well, the fundamental nature of Polarity is that it means forming a Coherent Interpretation about the nature of other-selves. The first and second densities do not have positive and negative polarity. To have polarity, takes a certain measure of self-awareness, and that is facilitated by the physical vehicles that we have now; there are certain freedoms of thought which are enabled by the human brain; the type of conceptualisation that is not possible for a frog mind or a tree mind.

So in terms of Seeking, a bifurcation is possible in third density; which leads to coherent positivity and coherent negativity.

The Seeking that culminates in the third density choice of either being positive or being negative is premised on a fundamental approach to other entities. A positive entity is trying to see equality, even in the midst of inequality, by attempting to understand things as a level-playing field, that we are all in this together. A negative entity is trying to create a pyramid scheme; where some are below (the slaves and the workers), and some are above (the owners and the masters). It’s very much trying to create rank and superiority, even in the midst of unconditional love. Some are deserving, and others are not.

The Seeking that leads to a strengthening of one of these 2 Available Choices is something which presents itself again and again; it’s the basic catalyst of this Density.

/ /

Unresolved Seeking?

As I said at the start, one cannot really escape from this upward spiralling Light, that seeks to become more fully aware of itself. To be conscious, and human beings are ‘consciously conscious’, if that makes any sense, means that we are always aware of the next aspect that desires conscious Integration. The Seeking is everpresent.

When we grasp the Situations, and can articulate the Understandings, then the Seeking can be resolved, at least on that level. When it goes Unresolved, it does linger as a kind of frustration or a bafflement, and is experienced as a kind of Question with no satisfactory answer. That will nag away at us, in our Quiet Moments, when we are able to experience the deeper currents of ourself. And it’s not very satisfying at all – to be constantly presented with a Question that you don’t know how to Answer, and yet is quite insistent and seemingly always present.

But to truly grow, we have to move towards resolving our Seeking. Or at least make earnest and genuine attempts to do so.

Unresolved Seeking that persists over years is something which is truly depressive.

/ /

The Takeaway Message

So in short, I think I am pointing to something that is both elegantly simple, as well as being truly Profound.

It’s that the nature of Consciousness is to move towards greater wholeness, and that we are literally inundated with the symbols and the clues to do so.

Our Seeking is ever present. As is the means to resolve each instance of it.

We are truly being empowered by the Creation itself to grow and become more than we are.



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