Getting to know our Confederation

“There are approximately 53 civilizations, comprising approximately 500 planetary consciousness complexes in this Confederation.”

This is the intriguing statement made by the Ra group, the indigenous 6th density Venusian society who we assume was a long term and perhaps founding member of the Confederation which has its base of operations in the ring system environment of Saturn.

First a few questions that you the reader might be asking.

Why would the Ra group say “there are approximately 53” rather than “there are 53”? Why ‘approximately’?

Are they not high enough in the Confederation hierarchy to be fully informed? Or are they fully informed but are implying that there is constant fluidity within the Confederation?

I would assume the latter case. If so then there appears to be a fluid situation of coming and going of planetary societies within the Confederation which is a common activity of such a collective entity.

That would make sense, but why wouldn’t the Ra group state in clearer terms such as, “presently there are 53 civilizations”? Why be inexact?

For now let’s assume there are 53 civilizations which have inhabited 500 planets that have made the physical and metaphysical transition to the level of 4th density and further.

Another question is to the meaning of ‘civilization’. Does the term civilization mean the same as social memory complex? If so then why not consistently use the term social memory complex to not cause confusion?

For now let’s assume that ‘civilization’ does mean ‘social memory complex’, or my preference, ‘planetary society’, comprising one or more ‘planetary consciousness complexes’ or evolved planets. For example, the Ra group is a social memory complex who comprised a single planet known as Venus. They were a 1-planet planetary society. That leaves 52 planetary societies comprising 499 planets of habitation as members of the Confederation.

Having partially addressed those questions, let’s move on to consider the potential impact and involvement of the Confederation towards assisting our Earth civilization in its evolution and transition to 4th density.

It has been said by the Ra group that the ‘planetary consciousness complex’ known as Earth or Terra or Gaia, is now in the earliest stage of 4th density. The 7.3 billion population of incarnate humans and possibly 1-2 billion discarnate humans is now undergoing a graduation and transition process into 4th density which will, in approximate terms, result in a 4th density population ranging from 500 million to 1.5 billion inhabitants.

This is quite a low ratio of those who graduate to 4th density, but it still results in a much higher population than the 38.5 million Venusians whose total population graduated to 4th density.

Once this transition process is complete, then, most likely, our newborn 4th density civilization and planetary consciousness complex will be ready to become a full and active member of the Confederation.

However, it may need to go through an orientation process to enable it to fully realize its involvement with the Confederation before full membership. If this were to occur it is quite plausible that a large nucleus of 4th density beings will have the advanced awareness to collaborate with the Confederation and assist others in this process.

An encouraging note from the Ra group is that there is help to move this member process along by way of the present influx of 3rd/4th density double-body Graduates and specialized awakened Wanderers.  And to add to that, perhaps in the near future there becomes an influx of exoplanet immigrants such as the 4th density Quanta civilization who L/L Research had encountered and channeled on a few occasions.

We know very little about the Quanta civilization but apparently they have been given the OK by the Council of Nine to be allowed to assimilate and integrate into 4th density Earth society. One question to raise is why do they need to migrate to Earth? Why did they leave their home planet while in 4th density? Perhaps they feel the need to experience and grow within a rich and diverse environment offered by 4th density Earth.

It’s also the case that our Earth can support a larger 4th density population. So Quanta and possibly other 4th density societies will be a welcome addition to a potentially robust 4th density social memory complex nearing a population of 2 billion. If so, then that total population is 50 times the size of the Venus 4th density society. Quite large and an interesting challenge to form into a high functioning social memory complex.

Another question to raise is will Quanta need to migrate and assimilate through the slow and inefficient birth process and the experience 3rd density veiling? But also, since 4th density is now more activated, can they be allowed to enter as they are in 4th density form and resettle in small groups and in stable zones that allow for 4th density activities to flourish?

Those questions segue right to the following proposal that relates to the 4th density transitional phase.

Given this influx of 3rd/4th density Graduates and possibly of exoplanet immigrants, and given the receptive nature of the transitional 4th density overlap of an outward/outgoing 3.8 sub-density and an inward/incoming 4.1 sub-density, it would seem that it’s an ideal time to have an increase in cooperative and strategic encounters of positive oriented and aware Wanderers with Confederation sources to assist with the development of various societal and environmental conditions that will help support 4th density.

If this is to happen then the extremely limited quarantine phase of 3rd density should be at least partially lifted for a moderate re-opening phase in early 4th density that will allow for direct cooperative efforts between the Confederation and Wanderers on the ground.

This cooperative effort resulting in transitional projects and operations will also involve the 3rd/4th density Graduates and those new ET’s such as Quanta.

These cooperative efforts between the Confederation sources and Wanderers is likened to the scenario of the Spielberg movie “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind” but will be much more robust. It will also include what can be called “Close Encounters of the 4th and 5th Kind” to help with the 4th density transition.

A simplified and somewhat outdated description of these close encounters is the following.

CE3 is when an encounter is with visible occupants inside an ET craft.
CE4 involves the person being taken inside the ET craft.
CE5 involves direct communication between ET’s and humans.

By direct communication is meant direct two-way communicating other than channeling. It is a face to face communication without a medium or channel. The CE5 approach was used by the Ra group towards the Egyptians who, it seems, were not composed of awakened Wanderers but rather those who were young and evolving spiritually and open to ET encounters and assistance.

Today we have an unprecedented situation that calls for an advanced CE6 approach which involves direct communication and collaboration between ET’s and awakened Wanderers. This involves direct collaboration with our Confederation family and friends for the sole purpose of assisting with the 4th density transition and later orientation and integration.

With such a lofty goal in mind it then makes sense to learn more about the Confederation. So I scanned through old L/L Research transcripts to find out who some of these Confederation members are.

Philip of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays — an inner plane entity?
Deltron 4D group
Nona 4D group
Hatonn 4D group
Latwii 5D group
Oxal 4D group — a different group from the 5D “Oxal from Arcturus”?
Kasara 4D group
Laitos 4D group
Orcas 4D group
L/Leema 5D group
Yadda inner plane entity
Monka 5D group — Mars guardians who helped with the Martian transfer to Earth
Quanta 4D group — newcomers to 4D who will make Earth their new home
Yom 5D group? — a science-oriented society who became more spiritually aware
Meta 4D group?
Amira inner plane entity
Ra 6D group

Assuming that the 53 civilizations of the Confederation refer to social memory complexes or planetary societies, then the 14 groups listed here is a small accounting. There are 39 other social memory complexes or planetary societies to account for and include.

Some possible members to include are the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians and the positive race of Greys from Zeta Reticuli. The 5th density society called Bashar claim to be from the Galactic Confederation and not from our local Saturn-based Confederation. So what is their connection? Are there other ET societies from this so-called Galactic Confederation and do they coordinate with our local Confederation?

The title Galactic Confederation is a bit hyped in my opinion because our Milky Way Galaxy of 200 billion stars is too vast for just one overall Galactic Confederation. There are many Confederations and the Ra group has stated this fact.

Continuing on, other possible members are those with karmic ties to the 12 or so transplanted races here on Earth such as the 3rd density Denebian people who initially settled in China. Other ancient races would be from India, Persia, Polynesia, Africa, South America and the departed race of Mayans from Central America.

So there is much to learn about the Confederation, and in the case of Wanderers, much to recall and to get caught up with regards to Confederation friends and family. Perhaps the CE6 approach will take place soon and lead to cooperative collaborations with them.

To conclude let’s consider CE4, CE5 or CE6 situations and some questions that may be asked of the Confederation sources.

Of the 53 civilizations:
How many are 4D civilizations and what are their star system origins?
How many are 5D civilizations and what are their star system origins?
How many are 6D civilizations and what are their star system origins?
What are their histories, societal structures, philosophies and goals?

What is the overall population of the Confederation? Since it originated from 500 planets is it greater than the Earth population?

After the Terran 4th density transition is complete will there be a restructuring and scale down of the Confederation?

Will some Confederation members with karmic ties move on to help with the migration and resettling of the ungraduated 3rd density population?

Will some of those of the Council of Nine and the 24 Guardians move on to supervise over these Confederation members and over the respective 3rd density planets?

Will the Orion alliance have karmic ties as well and follow this migration to these resettled 3rd density planets to continue the saga of free will and polarity? Will they act as loyal opposition to continue the game of evolution?

What’s the general plan for the 4th density Terrans? What kind of societal structures, philosophies and goals will they pursue given their past 3rd density diversity? How will the immigrant 4th density groups shape the Terran society?

Will some adventurous subgroups of the young Terran society be allowed to explore and influence various nearby planetary systems that harbor 3rd density life such as the Alpha Centauri system? Will they hear and pursue this calling?

And of course, will some subgroups of the young Terran society be allowed to follow and influence the migration of those 3rd density loved ones for which they had karmic ties on 3rd density Earth? Will they hear and pursue this calling?

How about future interactions with the 2nd density and potential 3rd density life on Uranus and possibly Neptune? Will a residual group from Orion or other negative ET alliance be attracted to the 3rd density opportunities of those water worlds? Will there be an intense and unpredictable polarity game played out on these worlds?

There are obviously many more pragmatic questions to ask in regards to the early stages of 4th density for the young and blooming Terran social memory complex, a society which may eventually consist of up to 2 billion souls.

That early stage of 4th density is when CE6 activities will be of significance. Will we soon have such activity in the near future? Will the quarantine be modulated or partially lifted for such activity? If so then are there enough awakened and attuned Wanderers to participate in such an unprecedented activity? Are various Confederation members preparing for this CE6 activity?

My hope is an enthusiastic “yes!” to the above questions. I hope to participate in such CE6 activities if it comes to be in the next several years. Fingers crossed!



  1. Hard to remain positive when the reason for existence is clouded with a veil of forgetting. Earthly existence is not pleasant. All I wanted was to be happy and promote that happiness with others. This goal was not reached. Bone-crushing poverty limits choices. Most of the beings here are addicted to materiality and other idiocies like jealousy and pride et al. I have been unable to find any similar beings to myself. As such, there is no one to talk to about anything but the simplest of concepts. Supposed teachers and ministers are backward. Most “leaders” are only out for self and money. Accordingly, I see no reason to be here without the proper support (like a family that is supportive or a mentor of sorts or enough money to make decisions about what is possible to do).

    Now, I am old with no teeth and look forward to dying out of this weird body. I do not get hurt by insensitivity anymore. Rather, in order to survive and not kill myself, I changed the hurt to anger with anyone doing evil (this includes the other side). No fear… secrets on all levels are a sign of cowardice and I talk about issues like that all the time.

    Not happy with this current world and whatever happened to the goodness my life was planned to have and give. I believe in goodness above all and this world does not seem to value that. What the hell is going on here? I MUST KNOW or it all seems like a game I do not wish to play.

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