An In-Depth Introduction to the Mind Cycle

The system of archetypes detailed in Book IV of the Law of One is arguably one of the most dense and difficult to understand parts of the Ra material.

In my article here, I will attempt to frame the system of the archetypes for their use and meaning, and hopefully begin an introduction to the Mind cycle so that you too can begin to hear the “deep threnodies and joyful ditties of the deep mind” (89.19) that Ra speaks of the archetypes evoking.

I think this Q’uo quote from a recent channeling gives a good summary: To whom does this Will belong to? And how do I know what I am seeking is what I desire?

“So it is true to say that you are both the created and the Creator. It is true to say that as the created you bear that which is your own, and if you wish you may call this your will. But it is also true that as the Creator you participate in that unlimited condition we have referred to as infinity, and infinity has to it intrinsically no limit that one would call a specific will. Yet, will that constitutes itself in the vast complexity of the creation, and that sees itself in distinction from other wills beyond count, wants always something more, wants always something unified, wants always something beyond limit, beyond count: wants infinity.

The point of difficulty for creatures aspiring to advance along the line of spiritual evolution is the question of discernment in which a determination must be made concerning: what of the desire to evolve belongs to mere creatureliness, the mere circumstances of the seeking of the individual, and what belongs to that which calls to the seeking creature, that which calls forth from the seeking creature, that which will fulfill the terms of the seeking?

Now, to put the matter in this way seems at first glance to be not very helpful because one does, after all, want to seek better, and one cannot begin to conceive what “seeking better” would be without a clearer conception of the criteria according to which better may be discriminated from worse. That would seem to imply a judgment about what is worse, and dependent upon that judgment a conception of what might be, by contrast, the better. Lacking any clear conception of what the better would be, one is merely left with a sense of the inadequacy of the present state of one’s being. Thus, the great spiritual aspiration continues and, my friends, we would say that it continues well beyond the level of third-density seeking into fourth, into fifth, into sixth, and, we are increasingly aware, beyond.”

I believe we have been given this amazing tool by Ra, to teach us how to do “better”. More than any “gadget”, this tool is a map to exploring all of the possible gestalts of consciousness available, and to seat them in our experience. This map is also available in the Tree of Life, or astrologically, which I have also studied before. Once I found the Law of One, though, my interest in astrology actually dwindled, likely to prepare me to excitedly embrace the teachings of the Tarot.

It’s obvious that the archetypes were central to the message that Ra desired to communicate. Firstly, one of the first ‘full’ archetype sessions, session 78, is one of the longest on the books – 38 questions and answers! Then, session 79, also chock full of archetype info, was 44 questions! That is a pretty high number for fragile little Carla. Soon after these heightened, informative sessions, was when the group’s final, most debilitating psychic greeting began, and the sessions shortened – again, likely due to the power that is available to the positive adept who learns to use the archetypes. Not to be dramatic, but I believe this is ultimately the info that Don gave his life for, whether he realized it at the time or not.

Another hint to Ra’s excited treatment of the archetypes is their refrain of the affectionate “O Student” to Don, offered only during his questioning on the symbolism of the archetypes. This, to me, speaks clearly to Ra’s enthusiastic desire to teach/learn this lesson.

There is nothing logical or rational to the usage of the archetypes. They are not the type of tool that, once activated, will work on their own. The archetypes are a way to consciously understand our movements in the context of polarity. These teachings are not for the average Earth native who is trying to reach harvest in this incarnation – this information is for Wanderers who came to Earth to help increase its love/light at this time of harvest. These tools are a way to understand the necessity for purity of polarity (discernment), and increasing one’s spiritual gravity during their incarnation so that they are able to channel exponentially higher vibrations of love and light onto the planet.

This is where I must say: My interpretation of the archetypes will have a strong bias, that bias being the service to others polarity. Ra says this bias is inherent in the Logos and thus reflected in the cards. The cards are not a way to transcend polarity, the cards are a way to crystallize and balance the chakras so that your system is able to channel these higher levels of love and light, utilizing polarity. Balancing the chakras has the benefit of a lessening of uncontrollable emotional responses, which I think is what people desire when they ‘transcend polarity’: the lack of judgement in actions. These are all benefits of actively polarizing, not actively avoiding polarizing. The cards tell this tale.

I also will take this space to say this, as we’ve all been exposed to the Law of One for a while now. Ra does speak from a place of “non-polarity”, and it is their ideal that they are going to achieve. Ra doesn’t specifically say that one should polarize service to others because they can’t. That would be a total infringement. Instead, they laid out the ground rules for the group towards the type of information they would be able to offer, and it was the group’s choice to follow that path, just like it must be our choice to choose to polarize. The archetypes are all about this Choice. Why is the Choice important?

Firstly, before the veil, when there was only service to others, there was no motivation to progress through the third density. There was total awareness of unity. That would make 3rd density pretty chummy and no one would want to leave, right? Precisely. So the veil was born, and along with it the concept of ‘bad’, which caused people, in the name of ‘good’, to have the desire to act. It is this desire to act that is so centrally important. One must choose to act for unity in the face of total separation, with faith. This is our power. This is our magic.

“Q’uo: Dance all of your tunes, my friends, and dance them with all of your heart. The difference between the everyday and the magical is the difference between the entity who sees and hears no music and feels no desire to dance, and the entity who, hearing and seeing no music, and feeling no urge to dance, nevertheless rises up and invokes the dance.”

We also must polarize in 3D because we must, after incarnation, ‘walk the steps of light’, which means we will be deposited into 4-6th density positive or 4-6th density negative time/space. This choice must be made – or you can stay in 3D for a while. It’s probably possible for a 3rd density entity to harvest to 7th density unity without actively polarizing – but what would be the point of incarnation? We’re here to be active, to create and manifest in a collective reality. For me, it’s really fun to watch this collective reality shift from its once extremely dire situation to one obviously filled with more love and light. I believe my participation helps affect this change, and to me, this is a great game and I’m glad to be a part of it. The archetypes are a high-level, end game rulebook, that give hints and tips and tricks for really being able to manifest positive change and spiritual validation into your environment in tangible, accumulating ways. This is really what we are here for.

For those who are extremely new to understanding the archetypes, let me try to define the ‘titles’ of the cards, because I know this is one of the biggest hurdles. But you must take the cards as if they are their own language – each title has a meaning, each symbol with a meaning, each grouping of symbols on each card as a short tale, and then from there you can piece together a story. It takes a while to learn the language, but if you are dedicated, things will start ‘clicking’ and new levels will be available to understanding the nuance, or as Ra says , “If these are studied there comes the moment when the deep threnodies and joyful ditties of the deep mind can successfully be brought forward to intensify, articulate, and heighten some aspect of the magical personality.” (see card 21) Time and dedication are really all that is necessary to get a clear understanding of the language of the archetypes. Becoming familiar with their ‘formal’ names and their various colloquial names is step one, and it’s a big one.

Matrix and Potentiator: The Matrix is the basic structure from which we function. As its name implies, it can be programmed, ultimately by the potentiator. The Matrix of the Mind stores experience, and uses the infinite potential of the will to fill itself up. The Potentiator of the Mind contains all, and she is what releases new information to the Matrix. The Matrix of the Body is the natural state of constant motion and movement in our bodies and environments, and the Potentiator of the Body/Heirophant is the wisdom that stops or alters the constant movement of the body for a change in experience. The Matrix of the Spirit is Primeval Darkness, the total lack of light that is caused by the veil. The Potentiator of the Spirit is Lightning, the sudden illumination of the darkness that causes a deep movement within.

The veil exists between the Matrix and the Potentiator. Before the veil, the Matrix of the Mind was aware of the infinite knowledge of the Potentiator of the Mind, the Matrix of the Body was aware of all of the abilities of the Potentiator of the Body, and the Matrix of the Spirit was likely not Primeval Darkness at all, as there was no veil shielding the Matrix of the Spirit from the infinite light of the Creator. Now, we have the veil, which radically alters our experience. Developing our understanding of the archetypes, also known as working in consciousness, can help thin the veil, allowing us access to that information which is hidden from us but yet our birthright.

Catalyst and Experience: These are the 6 cards that we filter all “activity” through. The Catalyst card is obvious – any of our thoughts would be considered Catalyst of the Mind, and phyisical experiences Catalyst of the Body. Experience is where we “seat” the Catalyst once we choose to consciously use it to create an Experience, which is then recorded in the Matrix, so that our next ‘output’ is ‘informed’.

Significator: The Significator is the actor. The Significator in the Mind cycle is the Magician, High Priestess, Empress, and Emperor, and, if experience is utilized, the Lovers and the Chariot(eer). The Significator of each cycle is a facet of the Fool, who unifies the cycles.

Everyone experiences/utilizes the Matrix, Potentiator, and Catalyst (mind & body) all day every day. Experience is inevitable, but conscious use of catalyst leads to more fructified experience. The Significator is the represented actor participating in this show: the harvest of all of one’s experiences including previous incarnations.

Ra also says the Significator must have the ability to “become that which it is not”, meaning that the Significator is a representation of the altered reality created by being a mind/body/spirit complex.

Transformation and Great Way: The Transformation and the Great Way cards are more of a conscious activation with the will that happens after one consciously begins to use their Experience in ways that further their growth. The Transformation of the Mind is a conscious and deliberate choice that is made upon itself, and the Great Way is the gestalt that is activated once the Transformation is successful. The Transformation of the Body is also conscious, where you choose to harvest what you have learned in your physical experience to create a new one that is available each moment, and the Great Way of the Body is the effortless manfestation of our desires available through efficient use of the body cycle. The Transformation of the Spirit is less of a conscious choice (see the bound entities), but the Great Way of the Spirit is, of course, our ultimate goal – the experience of being played as the perfectly tuned instrument of the Creator: perfect in that our unique harvest of experiences is capabale of playing our own personal song as an honestation.

I sort of have the image of a wind-up clock, being the Significator, and the will as the wind, and the Matrix, Potentiator, Catalyst, and Experience are the gears, and the Transformation is the switch that gets flipped. If all the pieces are in the right places, the Great Way is activated and the gears begin to turn on their own and day-to-day experience is effortless, until the wind wears down. This analogy is a little rough. There is a definitely an ‘order’ to the cards, but it is not the order that should be focused upon. It is more important to be aware of all of the possible “parts” and learning where each gear goes as a piece in the whole.

As far as choosing a deck goes, I will sit closest with the redrawn deck done by the group. I like the colorized Brotherhood of Light deck, just for clarification of imagery. I also think the Rider-Waite deck is valuable in that it uses the same concepts but replaces them occasionally with more ‘modern’/’anglo’ symbolism, which can help unlock clues to some of the apocrypha of the Egyptian deck. Ra says you are welcome to use any deck, but stress that it’s important to pick one set of symbols and let them all speak to you in their nuance instead of trying to see it all at once amongst all the different artistic interpretations.

Now, my personal study of the archetypes has been this: I read. I read a lot. I’ve read what just about everything everyone else has typed up in thoughtful consideration, a few times. I read the Law of One a few times for archetypes specifically, drawing any early connections to descriptions of gestalts of the mind/body/spirit. I also asked desperately. I wanted to understand and help bring forth this information, because I know how desperately I crave others’ input, especially at the beginning of my study. I see that others desire it strongly, too. So, I spent time in meditation and prayer asking patiently for the archetypes to reveal themselves to me. I am no expert, hardly. I have no claims on knowledge. I’ve just strongly called for myself to crystallize in such a way that this information could channel itself in a way that is easier to grasp. We’ll see how successful my initial attempts are!

Finally, a short blessing/warning from Q’uo – the blessing that the act of working in consciousness is protected and supported by discarnate entities. The warning is that if you are not sufficiently balanced in the lower centers before you start working in the archetypes, you could mistakenly go the other way, or worse, confuse yourself to the point where you lose your grounding. Daily meditation and a sincere distortion towards service towards others are the basic distortions necessary to begin this study.

What can be trusted beyond all telling is the protected nature of this work in consciousness. It is as though, as the seeker dedicates itself to the seriousness of its desire, it alerts a large body of discarnate protection which this instrument would probably call inner-planes or angelic. Whatever the description of this energy, it is devoted to being sure that, whatever the incarnational situation, whatever the physical situation doing this seeking, this work shall be protected. This thirst and its fulfillment shall be blessed.

We stand, in speaking of the Matrix and the Potentiator, at the beginning of a deep, deep road, a very fruitful road, a most promising road that shall be wended not just within your present lifetime or your present density, but through several densities to come. You are at the beginning of a journey of self-knowledge that shall bring surprise upon surprise, awareness upon awareness and yet we say to you that at each of the spirals of awareness, including that one at which you now are, you are already that being which you hope to become. And by the bare attempt to seek within the archetypes you bring resonances of that being to your waking personality which strengthen and have a tendency to heal the waking personality. We would thusly encourage each to do this work in consciousness. Not hastily. Not without respect. And certainly not without preparation.

For doing this work without preparation can be unbalancing to the energetic body. And so we would caution each before doing such work in consciousness, always to begin with the meditation, with the balancing of the energy system, with the clearing of the lower to the higher energy centers to a minimal degree so that the energy system that is doing this work is without significant imbalance. For when there are shadows that block energy into the heart, then it is that there is not energy coming through into the green, blue and indigo-ray energy centers where this work in consciousness is taking place. Consequently, we do encourage that work, before a session of meditating upon the archetypes, where there is the attempt to balance the energy system and to settle it so that not only the physical body but also the metaphysical body is rested and balanced and ready to receive those piercing energies which flow from the roots of mind and fructify the waking consciousness.


So let me begin by introducing you to my friend, the Magician, also known as the Matrix of the Mind.


The Magician, in its basic form, represents consciousness (unfed), and the use of will (to feed it). He holds a sphere in his right hand, and he is looking at it, aware of the infinite, magical possibilities of the moment. What will he choose to seek? There is a bird in a square cage, wings folded, representing the illusion of his trapped spirit within the third density – he is not looking at it, but he is aware, because his hand reaches for it. Will he choose to move towards releasing the bird? Or will he content himself with looking toward all the catalyst he is facing by heading towards the separation inherent in third density?

The Matrix of the Mind itself is, unmoved. It is the foundation of experience.

Ra: As to its name, the name of Magician is understandable when you consider that consciousness is the great foundation, mystery, and revelation which makes this particular density possible. The self-conscious entity is full of the magic of that which is to come. It may be considered first, for the mind is the first of the complexes to be developed by the student of spiritual evolution.

The Matrix of the Mind is the computer that makes everything possible. However, the computer needs an input. That input comes the Potentiator, but the Magician must use itself as the will to ask for it. It is difficult to speak of the Matrix without the Potentiator in this context because the two are intricately intertwined. Between these two cards is where the veil is. Before the veil, the Magician was fully aware of the infinite resources of the High Priestess. Now, it is the mystery of the infinite that stimulates the Magician to seek. But, as he stands, the Magician is “unfed”. At birth, it is totally blank. As we process experience, the experience gets “stored” into the Matrix, so that the next extension of the will is further informed. This is not the full consciousness of a being, it is the waiting, blank consciousness, though it has its biases that come from the Significator.

The ibis itself in the cage has a crescent beak, harkening to the hidden need to access the unconscious portions of the mind. Brandy Rox has this quote on her website which I think says a lot about the symbolism of the ibis:

“The ibis has a bill that resembles the crescent moon, and its gait suggests the movement of the moon to some classical authors. Plutarch has written that the alternating black and white feathers of the male ibis are reminiscent of the dark and light phases of the moon. In addition to being a lunar animal, the ibis was well known in antiquity, because it would refuse to drink unhealthy or poisoned water, killed poisonous reptiles, and set mankind an example of cleanliness. Like the god Thoth, the ibis was hostile to dangerous forces and a model for purity and good sense; for Thoth, in addition to being the moon god, was the god of wisdom, who maintained the cosmic order that pervades the created world.”

The power of the Matrix is in its “unfedness” – being that, to the Magician, every experience is new and desired. Also, the “lack of polarity” allows the “charge” of polarity to offer its full brunt of force.

While his hand is holding the orb, he is making the “as above, so below” gesture: The Matrix of the Mind is that which we use as tertiary beings to unify the animal body and the infinite spirit. The path of the Fool begins with that of the Magician, and the hidden desire of unlocking the cage and freeing his spirit into the cosmos. The mind is required for this experience to even be conceptualized. And therefrom, infinite possibilities await. The Magician holds the sphere in his hand – he has the power to choose which experience from the infinite that he desires.

Ra: The sphere of spiritual power is an indication indeed that each opportunity is pregnant with the most extravagant magical possibilities for the far-seeing adept.

Ra: Let us for a moment consider thought. What is it, my friends, to take thought? Took you then thought today? What thoughts did you think today? What thoughts were part of the original thought today? In how many of your thoughts did the creation abide? Was love contained? And was service freely given? You are not part of a material universe. You are part of a thought. You are dancing in a ballroom in which there is no material. You are dancing thoughts. You move your body, your mind, and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns for you have not completely grasped the concept that you are part of the original thought.

There is a full Q’uo session on the relationship between the Matrix of the Mind and Potentiator of the Mind. Here is a fruitful quote:

Q’uo: Matrix is a word that seems not even to indicate a living being but, rather, a structure, a container, a grid, qualities and aspects of self. The basic figure of Matrix is figured forth as royal. And this is not by mistake. For as a spiritual being each seeker is indeed the highest royalty, is indeed prince and king and Creator. This figure of Matrix has tremendous potential, for it is empty and waiting. The hunger for evolution is stitched and knitted into every fiber of the carefully articulated web of being that the Matrix experiences as its nature. Possessed of crown and power and royalty, it is a figure with no lack of self-respect, with no concern for being unworthy, with no unhealed issues. And coming to the mind of the Matrix as a human is the work of some time. For much of human sorrow, shame, guilt, low self-esteem and unworthiness need to be, not denied, but taken off as shoes, as garments that are upon the body of the self, but are not the self.

This seems to me to describe a being without blockages – so the Magician represents the ability to draw forth an ‘unfed’ energetic system that is free of any blockages, so that the thrust of the will may be at its purest.

One of my favorite Ra-isms is that of whether one chooses to seek the details of the day or chooses to seek the keys to unknowing. (84.7) I believe the keys of unknowing point to the usage of the unfed Magician. We are seeking the keys to unknowing all of our distortions and biases, seeking the purity that can be represented by the encloaking in white robes, to stare into the crystal sphere.


The next is the card of the Magician’s nearest and dearest friend, and hopefully lover and cohort, the High Priestess. She is the Potentiator of the Mind.


She seems quite far away because we have veiled her from ourselves. We want her to put up a chase. She keeps herself between two pillars, balanced. She smiles patiently waiting, sitting atop and outside the box of 3D manifestation. Her offerings are infinite, waiting for the Magician to ask her to reveal them. And she will, in her own way.

The High Priestess is a personification of an idea that we are not unfamiliar with: The deep resources of the mind, symbolized by many things: One, the infinite depths and reaches of the oceans. Another symbol that is bound up within her is that of the moon, the silent mover of the tides of the deep ocean and waters within.

The light and dark pillar surround her, showing that she must be reached through the strictures of polarity. The pillars are identical, and both have the symbol of manifested spirit upon them (crux ansata), indicating that the Creator has no bias of which polarity one chooses to manifest their spirit.

Ra: I am Ra. Although this is correct it is not as perceptive as the notice that the Priestess, as this figure has been called, sits within a structure in which polarity, symbolized as you correctly noted by the light and dark pillars, is an integral and necessary part. The unfed mind has no polarity just as intelligent infinity has none. The nature of the sub-sub-sub-Logos which offers the third-density experience is one of polarity, not by choice but by careful design.

However, the Logos does have a bias, shown on the High Priestess by the cloth that bears fruit protecting her right side.

She also bears the crux ansata on her chest (solar plexus). Let me gather what Ra has said about the enigma of the crux:

92.30 Questioner: Would this crux ansata then be indicating a sign of life or spirit enlivening matter?

Ra: I am Ra. This is quite correct. Moreover, it illuminates a concept which is a portion of the archetype which has to do with the continuation of the consciousness which is being potentiated in incarnation, beyond incarnation.

Ra: We may indicate that the crux ansata is a part of the concept complexes of the archetypical mind, the circle indicating the magic of the spirit, the cross indicating that nature of manifestation which may only be valued by the losing. Thus the crux ansata is intended to be seen as an image of the eternal in and through manifestation and beyond manifestation through the sacrifice and transformation of that which is manifest.

I interpret this to mean that, the sacrifices of previous incarnations towards our relationship with the Magician/High Priestess are manifest within this card – i.e. if the spirit has already ‘enlivened’ the matter in ‘previous’ incarnations, this is activated by the High Priestess. Ra says not all incarnate 3D entities are using their spirit complex. The High Priestess is how you access it – i.e. she is the one who can help you release the bird from the cage.

The rest of the mind cycle, and even indeed somewhat of the rest of the cycles, are about developing the relationship between the Matrix and the Potentiator of the Mind, as they are what we use to call forth our 3D manifest experience. How adept, careful, and pure we are with these resources allow less distortions along the way, for example, when one is “groping in the moonlight”. (80.10) The veiled priestess offers the moonlight, and you can interpret “groping” as another gross sexual analogy to your relationship with her – do you know her, understand her? Or are her cues confusing, seemingly misleading? The next cards reveal the process one must go through to really get to know her so well, that even in the dark, merely by touch, you are able to excite her in the ways that you both desire.



Here is our Empress, the Catalyst of the Mind. This card represents all manifest catalyst that is perceived not consciously but unconsciously by the mind, hence the female. This is the state of the mind complex once the will has reached for the subconscious – or, as Ra puts it, the “ennobled” state of the female portion of the mind complex. This is the state of infinite available catalyst that is manifest. It is in the Experience of the Mind that we process the Catalyst and seat it in our experience.

The Empress sits atop what Ra calls a “not white and not dark” box, noting that the manifestation of catalyst in third density, at its heart, is of neither polarity. It also has many eyes, symbolizing the many possible interpretations and angles to view the catalyst. The Empress holds a bird with one wing outstretched, looking directly at it: The nature of catalyst is to get us to turn our attention towards the spirit, the bird in the cage. Catalyst allows the bird to potentially be released. The bird is in the left hand, showing that until we recognize the spirit, the nature of catalyst will seem heavily biased towards the negative. The bird is practically hitting her in the face, distracting her from the sphere of infinite magical possibilities in her right hand, behind her – she does not yet notice it. The sun sits behind her head, radiant, protecting her if she chooses to consciously use the catalyst to help free the bird. She has a snake on her brow, indicating that indigo-ray wisdom is obtainable through the Catalyst of the Mind.

The Empress is the High Priestess revealed through the calling of the Magician. She is no longer veiled, and in fact quite exposed, but she still sits on the box near but not manifest within the illusion. Her feet rest upon a much less stable platform than the High Priestess, showing again the fluidity of your personal interpretation of what she offers.

Ra: An individual mind/body/spirit complex may use any catalyst which comes before its notice, be it through the body and its senses or through mentation or through any other more highly developed source, and use this catalyst in its unique way to form an experience unique to it, with its biases.

Here, the female figure, the ennobled High Priestess, is now offering herself to you in an obvious way. You have many choices on what to “do with her”. A young suitor will let his excitement get the best of him, stimulus overload. An experienced suitor, one who has fallen in love with her, will begin to focus on the positive, manifest experiences she offers. It is the Emperor’s job to decide where each experience is seated, along the lines of “good/bad” or “desirable/undesirable”.



Here we have what could be perceived as a refinement of the previous card. The symbols are pared down, and the differentiation between the light and dark is sharpened. Here in the Experience of the Mind, we have firmly grasped the catalyst that has caught our attention to process it. The bird is no longer in the hand begging for attention and release, it has achieved flight and is seated in the experience of the Emperor.

Much discussion has been had previously on the symbolism of the archetypes on these forums, and it seems general consensus has landed upon the agreement that the symbols on the chests of some of the cards (birds, ankhs, t-squares) are at the heart chakra. I believe this is a distortion. To me, these symbols are clearly seated at the solar plexus, indicating manifestation of the spirit in the 3rd density experience, in this incarnation and beyond. It is through the conscious processing of catalyst into a tangible experience that we are able to manifest the spirit, finally, releasing the bird from the cage. If it were at the heart chakra, it would be a notch higher, IMO. Picture where the bird would be seated if in the blue-ray. There is clearly a gap between where the symbol is seated (solar plexus) and the throat. But I digress with a possibly not accurate opinion!

The Emperor is seated on a box where the differentiation between light and dark has been heightened. Within the right side of the box, sits a pure white cat. Ra says that this cat represents the protection that is manifested to the entity that is consciously using experience of the right-hand variety. The purer the intentions of the Emperor, the more protection from the blows of negative catalyst is offered.

95.23 Questioner: What I meant to say was that the entity is guarded along the right-hand path, once it is chosen, from effects of the material illusion that are of a negative polarity. Would Ra comment on that?

Ra: I am Ra. This is an accurate perception of our intent, O student. We may note that the great cat guards in direct proportion to the purity of the manifestations of intention and the purity of inner work done along this path.

Meanwhile, the shape of the garment shows the unnatural separation that occurs when one decides to use catalyst of the left-hand variety.

The Experience of the Mind is where we create our bias. This bias, if repeated, feeds itself in such a way that the Experience of one on the positive path begins to take on more and more of a positive tone and the Experience of the negative path takes on a tone that is more beneficial to a negative entity, a tone reinforcing separation. First, the bias of the Experience of the Mind facing the left-hand path must be overcome – one must continue to make the conscious choice to see the positive, magical interpretation of the experience.

94.20 Questioner: The magical shape is on the right edge of the card indicating to me that the spiritual significance is on the right edge of the card, indicating to me that the spiritual experience would be the right-hand path. Could Ra comment on that?

Ra: I am Ra. Yes. The figure is expressing the nature of experience by having its attention caught by what may be termed the left-hand catalyst. Meanwhile, the power, the magic, is available upon the right-hand path.

The nature of experience is such that the attention shall be constantly given varieties of experience. Those that are presumed to be negative, or interpreted as negative, may seem in abundance. It is a great challenge to take catalyst and devise the magical, positive experience. That which is magical in the negative experience is much longer coming, shall we say, in the third density.

94.12 Questioner: It seems to me that the Experience of the Mind would act in such a way as to change the nature of the veil so that catalyst would be filtered so as to be more acceptable in the bias that is increasingly chosen by the entity. For instance, if the entity had chosen the right-hand path the Experience of the Mind would change the permeability of the veil to accept more and more positive catalyst, and also the other would be true for accepting more negative if the left-hand path were the one that was repeatedly chosen. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is not only correct but there is a further ramification. As the entity increases in experience it shall, more and more, choose positive interpretations of catalyst if it is upon the service-to-others path and negative interpretations of catalyst if its experience has been along the service-to-self path.

Ra describes the position of the limbs and body as important. The body makes a t-square, or ankh shape. Don points out that, if standing, the Emperor would be perfectly balanced upon the toe. Ra adds that the symbol is also representative of having one foot “riven” from the physical experience, and the other connected. This also points to the lack of surety and certainty that is represented by the crescent at the feet of the Empress. Use of Experience takes the activation of Faith in the “fragility and surety of the structure”, the delicate act of balancing on the point of the toe.

The crux symbolizes that which must be sacrificed for the purity of the polarity of the adept in third density incarnation. We must release a part of ourselves, the part involving experiences along the negative path, before we can allow a transformation to occur.

Then I am guessing that the crossed legs of the entity in Card Four have a meaning similar to the cross of the crux ansata. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. The cross formed by the living limbs of the image signifies that which is the nature of mind/body/spirit complexes in manifestation within your illusion. There is no experience which is not purchased by effort of some kind, no act of service to self or others which does not bear a price, to the entity manifesting, commensurate with its purity. All things in manifestation may be seen in one way or another to be offering themselves in order that transformations may take place upon the level appropriate to the action.

Ra says that each subsequent card that shows the right angles/cross/crux of sacrifice is meant to build upon each before it, thereby increasing the purity of the polarizing entity.

Ra: The observation of the right angles and their transformational meaning is most perceptive, O student. Each of the images leading to the Transformations of Mind, Body, and Spirit and ultimately to the great transformative Choice [has] the increasing intensity of increasing articulation of concept; that is to say, each image in which you find this angle may increasingly be seen to be a more and more stridently calling voice of opportunity to use each resource, be it experience as you now observe or further images, for the grand work of the adept which builds towards transformation using the spirit’s bountiful shuttle to intelligent infinity.



Q’uo: For it is the Significator that is the actor upon the stage of creation that is able to become more than it is because of the efforts of those qualities known as Matrix and Potentiator.

Here we have come upon the Hierophant, the Significator of the Mind. Above him soar the wings of manifestation, leading him onward through the cycles of potentiation/catalyst/experience/transformation.

The Significator is that which is complex, and therefore can become that which it is not. Being fractured into sub-sub-Logoi, that which we are not, allows us to experience the “dynamic tension” of “Creator vs. Creator”. This allows experience to create and recreate by its very nature. That which we are not is also symbolized by the confusing polarity on the card – the white hatted imp sits on the Hierophant’s left right side, and the dark-hat sits on the left. This shows that “negative” experience often feeds polarization of the positive path, and “positive” experience feeds polarization on the negative path – for instance, one who struggles with money can learn many lessons of empathy and seeking that which is not material, and one who never struggles with money will take that experience as one that supports them (and others) as having unending resources to plunder.

The polarity in the card is represented by the hand gestures, as Ra says here:

Ra: You may note that the hands of the central image indicate the appropriate bias for right- and left-hand working; that is, the right hand gestures in service to others, offering its light outward. The left hand attempts to absorb the power of the spirit and point it for its use alone.

The Significator is the one who chooses to act, to know, to seek. Here the Significator of the Mind is shown on a stage, and even, within a box. This is the complex actor who decides the nuance of how to tell the story that it is performing in. Ra says due to imperfect memory and imperfect usage of catalyst, the Significator itself is not the most “efficient” use of the cycle, as you can see in comparing it to the symbols on the Great Way.

The Hierophant is not only upon the stage, but dependent upon the stage (the body complex, in micro/macrocosm) for its experience.

Ra: I am Ra. O student, you have grasped the barest essence of the nature of the Significator’s complete envelopment within the rectangle. Consider for the self, O student, whether your thoughts can walk. The abilities of the most finely honed mentality shall not be known without the use of the physical vehicle which you call the body. Through the mouth the mind may speak. Through the limbs the mind may effect action.

There are 8 black and white cartouches surrounded by a black and white checkerboard (more boxes within boxes). This has to do with the octave and specifically, the many octaves and sub-octaves of experience.

97.17 Questioner: The eight cartouches at the bottom would possibly signify the energy centers and the evolution through those centers… possibility for either the positive or negative polarization because of the white and black coloration of the figures. Would Ra comment on that after making the instrument cough?

Ra: [Cough.] I am Ra. The observations of the student are perceptive. It is informative to continue the study of octaves in association with this concept complex. Many are the octaves of a mind/body/spirit complex’s beingness. There is not one that does not profit from being pondered in connection with the considerations of the nature of the development of polarity exemplified by the concept complex of your Card Number Five.

Ra says the cartouches roughly translate to “And you shall be born again to eternal life.” It is a riddle of the octave. There is no death or dissloution, just harvest into the next octave, ad infinitum. The Significator exists throughout.

The Significator holds our “current” beliefs and biases, represented by the box he is protecting. These beliefs and biases come from this incarnation and beyond – more and more from other incarnations as the veil is lifted. This is a microcosm of “And you shall be born again to eternal life” – with each incarnation, that which is the Significator becomes greater in culminated experience. It is this conscious use of catalyst made into stored experiential biases that the creator desires, thereby ascending the octaves. Gradually, the Significator turns from that which it is not (separated) into that which it is (unified, The Great Way). Or, for the other path, to potentiate that which it is not into its furthest separation.

The wings signify the “covenant with the spirit” – that through all this acting and performing, the spirit is what is high above the stage and drawing the actor onward through each scene change. It is always there. It is always nearby, no matter what role you are playing. All experience upon the stage is blessed, which was foreshadowed by the sun in the Catalyst of the Mind, waiting to protect and shine over those who consciously use catalyst and turn it into experience.

Ra: The Significator owns a covenant with the spirit which it shall in some cases manifest through the thought and action of the adept. If there is protection in a promise, then you have chosen the correct sound vibration, for the outstretched wings of spirit, high above manifestation, yet draw the caged mind onward.

The Significator will continue to be led to transformation, it is just whether or not you will use this process consciously to accelerate along your path.


Ra: I am Ra. As you observe Archetype Six you may see the student of the mysteries being transformed by the need to choose betwixt the light and the dark in mind.


Ra: Many use the trunk and roots of mind as if that portion of mind were a badly used, prostituted entity. Then this entity gains from this great storehouse that which is rough, prostituted, and without great virtue. Those who turn to the deep mind, seeing it in the guise of the maiden, go forth to court it. The courtship has nothing of plunder in its semblance and may be protracted, yet the treasure gained by such careful courtship is great. The right-hand and left-hand transformations of the mind may be seen to differ by the attitude of the conscious mind towards its own resources as well as the resources of other-selves.

The Transformation of the Mind, the Lovers card, is the meat and potatoes of the Mind cycle and consequently, polarization. A male figure stands between two females, who each are pointing in opposite directions. He holds both of their hands. His eyes are closed and his arms are crossed. Each female eagerly holds the hand of the male figure, but both have their own path of direction. The females are the personification of polarization. Who do you desire, and how will you pursue her? And not just her (the High Priestess, your own subconscious), but how will you pursue your experiences with others?

There are two options. You can take the path of courting the maiden. The maiden is pure, virginal, sweet, and therefore everything you can imagine: A pure mirror upon which to see your best self. To court her requires, primarily, patience and acceptance, and the light touch. This extends to the self and others. Even if you aren’t entirely in love with her yet, you are in love with the idea of being in love with her, and through the process of courtship will fall in love with her. In return, she courts you back by offering you that which you so desire: satisfaction, validation, completion, marital fulfillment, unification. It is the perfect union of the Matrix of the Mind (will) and the Potentiator of the Mind (subconscious) – both are working together in harmony for the benefit of both/all. The union causes the sum to be greater than its parts.

Sometimes, while courting the maiden, she will ask you to do things that seem… strange. Or out of your element. Or maybe even just unpleasant. If you are sincerely courting her, you should, with faith, listen to her wishes. She is, of course, the High Priestess, She of the Infinite Pools. She knows everything that you don’t. If she says run outside and play in the rain, you do it. If she says smile at the random stranger, you do it! You trust her. She is you. If you are sincerely courting her, she will, more and more often, respond purely with love. Of course, at the beginning she may be finicky. This is part of the trust and faith of courting her. Ra says that the way to stop the flow of karma is forgiveness of the self and other self – can you perpetually forgive your maiden, even if she seemingly leads you on a goose chase?

The other path would be personified as plundering the prostitute. Do you see yourself, your subconscious resources, and/or the resources of others/the earth/Creation as a thing to be plundered? Do you take, take, take, without giving, in any of these areas? Do you feel as if the infinite bounty should supply you without question or effort? This is the path of plunder. Taking without giving back is absorption. This is a valid path, though Ra says that this path offers fruits that are “rough, prostituted, and without great virtue”, and that “That which is magical in the negative experience is much longer coming, shall we say, in the third density.” It is strongly hinted that cooperation with others yields fruits at a greater rate. However, the genie protects the path of plunder, because the negative path is intent on separating itself from others into its ultimate potentiation. The positive path, seeking unity at all expenses, is much more exposed to, let’s say, empathizing with other entities on our conjoined journey. When the maiden cries, you cry with her. When the prostitute cries, you implore her to stop, or delight in her misery.

There is another level to this card, and it is represented by the many triangle shapes. The two paths diverge, and get further apart than they even are in 3D. You MUST let go of one of the maiden’s hands to follow the other maiden on her path – you cannot follow both maidens at once. You will stand in place. Ra says courting the maiden has “nothing of plunder in its semblance, yet the treasure gained by such a careful courtship is great.” It is a careful, deliberate courtship that allows one to activate the Transformation of the Mind at a greater pace. Each seeking of love and courtship of the maiden in the moment builds upon itself, laying the path for the Great Way who reaches for this Transformation.

I’ll end this with two quotes from Q’uo on Transformation. These thoughts can be applied to mind, body, and spirit.

Q’uo: There are models of transformation which are helpful in thinking about times of change within the self as it undergoes realizations of accumulated information which have precipitated change. One model is the much clichéd butterfly. And there is some advantage to thinking of transformation using this model. The unawakened pupae and larvae go about their routines, eating and becoming ready to enter into a phase of development that is transformative in a way that changes the form of life from that which crawls to that which flies. And you may see that time of transformation as precipitated by the going into the cocoon of dealing with new thoughts and letting those thoughts marinate within your consciousness.

For transformation is a cycle. It is an inevitable cycle. You will transform. You shall become a new creature. The only question is whether or not you wish to accelerate the process of your own spiritual evolution. Those who are listening to these words and those who read them are those who wish to become more than they have been. That wish, in and of itself, will hasten the rate of speed of change in your life. For by wishing to be transformed and by being willing to be transformed, you make the space for being transformed.



So the journey, in a way, culminates to the Great Way of the Mind. The Significator, having been that which it is not, has now,  by creating the Great Way, become closer to that which it is: A conscious Creator.

The Great Way is the male counterpart, the reacher to the Lovers card. We have a Chariot, who must choose its path if it desires to move forward. The sphinxes are its steed, which speaks to the fact that time will draw the Chariot onward, no matter how conscious the Hierophant is at the helm. And, that it is specifically the experience of time that allows this process to happen. But, as the rest of the archetypes show, it is the conscious use that accelerates one along that path.

Now, the Chariot is not the Charioteer, the Chariot is the result of the transformation: the new environment in which the Significator acts. He is no longer upon a solid stage, he has steeds that use the magic of time to pull his vehicle (for those who aren’t consciously driving the steeds yet). The wings of the spirit are no longer overhead, but a fixed part of the vehicle – and at the “root” of the Charioteer. No longer can we see the Charioteer’s feet – which will have more meaning when compared to the Body cycle.

The sphere the charioteer holds is effulgent: shimmering, effusive. He needs not focus on it anymore, as it is no longer his will or focus which drives him onward. The royal steeds are pulling him effortlessly.

The veil is still there. It is lifted, but there. The Great Way and all experiences of the m/b/s complex are culminated because of the veil, and the veil never completely goes away. We just lift it more and more thoroughly each time. Again, it is skewed that the veil remains covering more of the left side than the right – “that which is magical in the negative sense is much longer coming” – Ra also says, specifically of this card, “your third-density experience is distorted or skewed so that the positive orientation has more aid than the so-called negative”.

Again, as shown in the Lovers card, the Chariot must choose its path before it can move forward, which means sacrificing experiences of the other path. The sphinxes have bent legs to show the sacrifice. The bent legs also show that there are times when the Great Way is “moving”/”activated” and other times when it is at rest. To attempt to force the sphinxes to move while they are resting would be detrimental.
Ra: The resting is possible in time, as is the progress. If a mixture is attempted, the upright, moving leg will be greatly hampered by the leg that is bent. The other meaning has to do with the same right angle, with its architectural squareness, as the device upon the breast of the actor.

If we look at the sphinxes through the lens of the Transformation card, it is better to court the steeds like the maiden, with patience and love for the process of time and its cycles. A negative entity would crack the whip, so to speak, to force the sphinxes to move when they aren’t ready. A bumpy ride indeed, when they are upon 3 legs instead of four.

What the Great Way really symbolizes is the effortlessness of being that comes through sacrifice and dedication to a path. We use the cycles of catalyst/experience until the Significator says “Hey, I want to do this a different way.” and utilizes the Transformation. Usually, along with this Choice comes an initiation – are you really sure you’re ready to court the maiden? You will get a test. If you can show her you are dedicated, you are rewarded with a new environment which is “showing the kingdom or fruits of appropriate travel through the mind in that the mind continues to move as majestically through the material it conceives of as a chariot drawn by royal lions or steeds.” – the next time you court her, you know more of what to do, and it isn’t as much of a chore to act upon what she needs in the moment.

Ra: Time/space is close in this concept complex, brought close due to the veiling process and its efficaciousness in producing actors who wish to use the resources of the mind in order to evolve.

We have incarnated with the veil, because it gives us impetus to progress, to lower the veil so that our confusion is alleviated. When one has gone through the Mind cycles and used catalyst “appropriately”, the Great Way is activated, the veil having been lowered a bit more, and ease of movement has become a breeze. For example, we can take any artist’s process really, but specifically we can look at my process here. When I dedicated myself to learning/teaching the archetypes, the Great Way was activated. I open up notepad files and can’t hardly stop my fingers from typing words to fill them. The understanding is just there for me to access and pull through. The thing about the Great Way is that, often after big movements of progress, we hit a new equilibrium. And of course, we want to activate the Great Way again, to watch the environment of our minds grow, evolve, and change.

Time/space being close means that the Charioteer has learned to use his will to fuel his desires in the proper way, either along the right hand or left hand path, and therefore has a lot of magical power at its disposal. This is why, as the Great Way is activated and before it winds down into the new equilibrium, again, things seem effortless and blessed at every turn. This is the power of the Great Way, and learning to activate it with more regularity is the power of the adept.

Another thing to keep in mind about the Great Way of the Mind is that it is OFTEN followed by a Transformation/Great Way of the Body and, ideally, when one has really begun processing catalyst in a conscious dedicated fashion, a Transformation/Great Way of the Spirit. I’m still working on discerning the subtle differences in the Great Ways, hopefully I’ll be able to hit that more as I go through the other cycles.


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