What If You Are a Wanderer but You Don’t Remember Why You Came Here?

Ra: I am Ra. . . . The challenge/danger of the Wanderer is that it will forget its mission, become karmically involved, and thus be swept into the maelstrom from which it had incarnated to aid the destruction.

If you’re reading this article, you may have some idea that you are a wanderer. There may be puzzling aspects of your relationship to this existence or your role within it, because you don’t fit in or resonate with the general consciousness and ideologies here.

This feeling of not fitting in may be in your face at every turn—at your job; in your family; even at the grocery store when you look around and see a bunch of strangers you simply don’t relate to.

There may be aspects of this existence you can’t wrap your head/heart around no matter how much you try, such as wars and starvation, which are unnecessary (aside from free will considerations) and painful to contemplate.

Humanity seems to be mostly asleep for various reasons. One reason is the ubiquitous effort to keep people asleep. STS (Service To Self) groups and individuals rely on division, with them on the side of empowerment and others on the side of disempowerment. Most of planet Earth is playing out this predator/prey relationship.

It is what it is, and while the current Earth situation may be perfect soil for the beings choosing to grow within it (consciously or unconsciously), where does that leave the wanderer in this veiled existence rife with conflict and struggle? A wanderer, according to Ra, is here to help, not get swept up in the maelstrom. But everyone, wanderer or not, will have experienced how difficult it can be to resist the planetary drama.


Answering the questions—Am I a wanderer? Why did I come here? What is my mission?—is a compulsion the mind can’t resist. Given that you don’t fit in, it naturally follows that you seek to find out why.

You could spend this whole incarnation wondering where you “came from” or what your purpose is and never get answers that satisfy your mind. Psychic readings, past-life regression, analyses of astrological or numerological pointers, “wanderer” checklists, hypnosis, or any number of confirmations that you are a wanderer and you are here to do this or that, will not satisfy the mind, which is trained to perform within a limited 3-dimensional construct based on linear time.

You may feel you actually do “know,” and yet the mind, which is part of your ephemeral existence in 3D, will not be convinced. The mind has its place and uses in this existence. In developing free will choice to a conscious level, the mind is a vehicle for thinking and making decisions on what is perceived from the environment, beyond mere survival instincts. It is a first step in awakening to choice, a place for choice to surface in awareness. But the mind’s role in development of conscious choice becomes a barrier to accessing higher aspects of self.

And this is a problem for wanderers, who by incarnating here have a 3D physical body and mind under the influence of the veil, and are subject to its limitations to varying degrees.


There is another approach to unraveling the mystery of who you are, where you come from, and why you are here. This approach changes the perspective from one of knowing/remembering to one of acknowledging/claiming.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who do I want to be (or see myself as)?
  1. Is the person I am (how I act in this world) the same as the person I want to be (or see myself as)?
  1. What do I most want to do, or accomplish, in this life?
  1. How does what I most want to do in this life line up with what I am doing?
  1. If all of my survival needs were met, and I had $10 million in the bank, how would I live my life? (In reading this question try to discard any judgments you may have regarding materialism, rich people, or mind-training such as, money is evil or doesn’t matter. The point is to rise above survival concerns which influence much of what we do in this world.)

Asking yourself these questions puts the responsibility squarely on you to define your life. It does not need to be validated by anything outside of you, here, now. You do not have to be told, or remember, who or what you might be beyond this existence. You can decide now, in this place of choice, what you choose to be and do here.

By choosing who you are rather than seeking remembrance or validation, you create energetic pathways for others to access, who are caught up in survival and the 3D melodrama. It is similar to synapses in the brain. If you think of this existence and mass consciousness as a giant brain, when a new synapse (a structure that permits a neuron to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron) is created, it then becomes easier to travel between those two neurons again. So, another portion of that giant brain (another being here on 3D Earth) can now access that electrical path (which you forged) much more easily as it has been established.


You may at some point actually remember your origins, but in the meantime, instead of spending time wandering and wondering about “ultimate” answers, you can move forward with purpose.


According to Ra, a wanderer’s mission derives from an underlying directive, not a “to-do” list:

Ra: I am Ra. It was the aim of Wanderers to serve the entities of this planet in whatever way was requested and it was also the aim of Wanderers that their vibratory patterns might lighten the planetary vibration as a whole, thus ameliorating the effects of planetary disharmony and palliating any results of this disharmony.

 Specific intentions such as aiding in a situation not yet manifest are not the aim of Wanderers. Light and love go where they are sought and needed, and their direction is not planned aforetimes.

Whether or not you have ever been here before, or if you will ever be here again on Earth, you can decide how you want this particular life of yours to unfold. This is not to say you will make a list of what to do; rather, you can clarify the underlying directives you align with, detached from 3D planetary, cultural, and societal influences. In doing so, you will not directly be defining your current existence from what came before (past lives; decisions to incarnate here and what your mission is), but you will be indirectly drawing from these influences, because they are part of you.

You are unique as all beings are—expressed from an infinite field of possibilities. Through you (and your particular combination of energies, talents, proclivities, and experiences derived from your individual evolutionary journey) flows a unique expression. Your contribution is not repeatable by another, whose expression is also unique.

Ra explains:

Ra: I am Ra. . . . You may, at this time, note that as with any entities, each Wanderer has its unique abilities, biases, and specialties so that from each portion of each density represented among the Wanderers comes an array of pre-incarnative talents which then may be expressed upon this plane which you now experience so that each Wanderer, in offering itself before incarnation, has some special service to offer in addition to the doubling effect of planetary love and light and the basic function of serving as beacon or shepherd.

Thus there are those of fifth density whose abilities to express wisdom are great. There are fourth- and sixth-density Wanderers whose ability to serve as, shall we say, passive radiators or broadcasters of love and love/light are immense. There are many others whose talents brought into this density are quite varied.

Though wanderers here may already be functioning as a beacon of planetary love and light, those of Ra also point out the importance of individual expression.

This is where the mind wants to find out what that individual expression is, where you came from, who you are, and why are you here specifically. But in bypassing this urge to remember or be told in some way, you step over a stone in your path. Whatever you decide to be and do here will be informed by that very purpose and self-knowledge you want to remember, though not in the way you might be expecting.

Your uniqueness, which speaks to your origins and purpose, may be difficult to recognize when filtered through human culture and mass consciousness.


How do you gain the necessary clarity to decide who you want to be and what you want to do here, unfettered by the human drama?

  1. Unplug, detach, and distance yourself from the media and popular culture.

There is nothing wrong with keeping in touch with what is going on in human societies. But in order to see a larger view and not get sucked into “the maelstrom” as Ra calls the current situation here, it is helpful to not stay engaged with it, especially on a daily basis.

There is a very magnetic attraction to the media and its myriad melodramas. One very good example is the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Modern-day technology makes it possible to stream so-called information continually on a variety of devices. People are bombarded with propaganda, marketing, and self-serving agendas continually. Unplug from this continual stream and clear your head of it all.

When you are not (consciously or subconsciously) influenced by societal views, judgments, fears, and agendas, you will be better able to access your true feelings about yourself and your purpose.

  1. Commune with Mother Earth.

Human society has for the most part isolated itself from nature. Animals are seen in zoos. Fish are seen in aquariums. Birds are in cages. Houses reside in cities or neighborhoods with fences, concrete sidewalks and walls, asphalt roads. People wear shoes and seldom feel, and connect to, the grounding earth.

When you are constantly bombarded by the human drama, surrounded by it, and immersed in it, remaining detached becomes all the more difficult.

Consider the amount of time you spend on devices—phone, computer, tablet, TV, etc.—sitting in a chair, surrounded by walls and man-made things. Compare that to the amount of time you might look at the sky, the moon, birds in flight, feel the breeze on your face and hear it rushing through tree branches, experience the cool grass under your bare feet.

Seeking a balance by spending more time in the cleansing, unconditional, renewing effects of nature will help clear your mind and body.


  1. Find ways to be present.

There is a lot of advice out there to meditate. Meditation is a wonderful way to get outside of the human box and linear time, and it is recommended. But meditation does not necessarily have to be done sitting in the lotus position with attention on the third eye.

Any artist will tell you that at some point when painting (writing, creating music, dancing), time ceases to exist. This is a form of meditation, when the mind takes a back seat to the flow of creativity. Anytime you can achieve the cessation of linear time you tap into a flow beyond 3D restrictions. It puts you in a wave state where all things are possible, as opposed to the particle state where there is one collapsed outcome (linear time and 3D perception).

Human society is a collapsed outcome, maintained and reinforced by human consciousness, and based on past/future concerns driven by the construct of linear time. Being present, or “in the now,” gets you out of the box and into a much larger world. The more you can do that, the less influenced you will be by the human drama.


Seeking within does not have to be an esoteric, mysterious exercise. Thinking it is such is placing expectations on the process, and expectations block anything outside of their scope from getting through.

Try not to place expectations on yourself such as remembering who you are and why you are here. You can simply ask yourself, make choices that resonate, and align your life with intention.

Ra: I am Ra. . . . Speaking to the intention of your question, the best way for each seeker in third density to be of service to others is unique to that mind/body/spirit complex. This means that the mind/body/spirit complex must then seek within itself the intelligence of its own discernment as to the way it may best serve other-selves. This will be different for each. There is no best. There is no generalization. Nothing is known.


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