A Metaphysical Q&A

The following is a series of 4 Letters that I sent to an Interested Party over a period of Months, when prompted by some very direct, and seemingly straightforward Questions.  The Answers, however, are far from being simplistic, as I was compelled to give some very in-depth Responses, in return to their Earnest Seeking.  The desire to Understand creates a deep Calling in time/space, and thus, I was an agent in Fulfilling their Sincerity.



Letter 1


I also agree that my feelings of difference stems from a deeper well of emotional sensitivities but I didn’t understand it so simply. I’ve got to try and own that and not be conquered by fear. Any thoughts on how I can embrace my sensitive nature and turn it into a strength?

This is a difficult one … as there are so many potential Situations. But my sense is that the world is full of wounded and suffering people … even though very few will display this, or even talk about it. But just being a quiet listener can help someone feel appreciated and acknowledged, beyond any particular words or advice that may be shared.

So it goes beyond a simple sympathy, and into the space of empathy, which is a deeper form of Connection.

But in terms of your specific nature, and the particular way that it is ‘shaped’, I think you are able to make space for others to be themselves. In the same way that you desire to be able to express yourself fully, and earnestly, I think you are able to give this gift to others as well; before it is asked.

So it’s kind of like listening to someone else’s music, their personality play, and just being a simple Witness to that.

/ /

Could you expound on what you said when wanderers have a “different cycle of experiences?

I would say that Wanderers, for the most part, have a greater abundance of incarnations to draw upon, hence their greater ‘experience’. And so in terms of their overall ‘motives’, they do have a desire to Help, which is more the ‘external goal’. In terms of the ‘internal goals’, their aims and intentions are more geared towards a Refinement of Balancing, rather than just the basics of Balancing. Again, that is not to imply that they have things figured out; because quite often they labor under quite a lot of personality type issues, as they struggle with the ‘denseness’ of planets like Earth.

But in terms of their overall Balances, they usually have a greater level of Development, and potential to draw upon; if they so desire to implement those things in their Life.

/ /

It made me wonder also: what is the existential purpose of a “wanderer?” If I am one, then I must be one for a reason.

Yes, I think the desire to ‘help’ those laboring in Confusion is the main motive of a Wanderer. But to do so, they have to also subject themselves to the process of Incarnation, which leads to a temporary loss of the former Memories. So they can become just as Confused as the people they desired to help!!

/ /

Do you know how to find a soul purpose? This big question nags me all the time.

This is a big question, and a truly important one. My feeling is that we will get accurate clues as to what this particular ‘Purpose’ is. And it’s not as though we figure it out once, and then it’s all easy; it takes work to implement our Chosen Purpose, and to keep endeavouring at it. It does provide satisfaction and bliss; but like all things on this Planet, it’s something that is maintained and cultivated over Time.

But to answer your Question, I think we will get Reminders. And we’ve probably had ‘Indicators’ throughout our Life as to the Nature of our Personality, and how best it can be used in service to Others.

So looking at one’s Personality (it’s characteristics, quirks, qualities), as well as our natural Talents can give a very strong Clue as to which Path in which to direct our Focus and Energies.

If we set ourselves a Life Goal/Purpose; we also, at the same time, gave ourselves the means to Fulfill it. And so that’s why I think our Personality and our Talents are such good indicators to figure out that Life Goal.

/ /

And I have one other curious question: how did you become so knowledgable on these matters? I thought maybe you just lived a life of deep contemplation in a monastery. I admit I’m a little curious.

These are Questions and Issues that I’ve been pursuing for many years now. I had my first spiritual ‘awakening’ at the age of 18, and it’s just on two decades past.

But yes, I have pursued both the outer investigations (knowledge, reading, study), as well as the inner investigations (meditation, integration, balance and healing) over that time, with a greater emphasis on the latter as I got older.

But it’s not all been easy, and it’s rarely been ‘crystal clear’. But the moments of Clarity are well worth it, as we untangle the Mystery of the self, and try to figure out where best to direct our abundant energies.

To speak to your Point, though, yes, I have had a lot of quiet time in solitude, in Processing the nature of Catalyst; and one comes to see that these things are not just unique to oneself; but apply also to everyone. It’s just that sometimes the ‘presentation’ of things needs a bit of digging into, to find the core patterns which are generating the real issue 🙂


Letter 2


How does one experience a more visceral reality where every moment feels like pure magic

To me, this comes from alignment. Alignment of the self with the Creation. When this happens, one feels no distinction between the individualised body (mind/body/spirit complex) and the surrounding situation; which includes the physical location, the people around us, and any thoughts about the past, present, or future. There is a kind of ‘intimate fusion’ between the manifest self, and the manifested outwardness of ‘everything else’.

I think we’ve all moments like this, however fleeting. Where it feels like everything is ‘all good’; and that there is no effort or application required. Sort of like one is falling with gravity, but in the sense of easy radiance of personality.

The thing is, as I described, to reach that state of ‘effortlessness’ can’t take effort in itself. It’s a consequence, rather than a direct result.

And so I think that it’s reached by Understanding, and a more integrative approach to our Experience. That can involve so many things! So it’s a somewhat vaguish Answer.

But as I also said – the Consolation is that these things strike us at unexpected moments (they aren’t wished for or predicted). And so it reminds us of what it feels like to be ‘in tune’, when those moments Come.

/ /

How to gain a mind and spirit that possesses true clarity and pure insight

This seems to relate to the Above; in terms of the ‘Quality’ of consciousness which is able to experience Attunement and Alignment.

In Ra’s System, this would seem to reflect an Individual that has a strong degree of metaphysical Balance. In the sense that they can experience and witness many things (sometimes just in the imagination), and yet that ‘Seat of Balance’ is unshifted. It’s not that they ignore or are immune from Catalyst; but rather that Catalyst is only something that appears or becomes evident when Imbalance has been triggered or identified. And so it’s no fault or flaw that one experiences Catalyst; it’s just an indicator that further Work is required to understand the more Balanced Understandings.

So in terms of your Question, the Utilization of Experience (in the metaphysical/spiritual sense) is what enables one to become ‘clearer’ and more transparent to ourselves. It is the ‘Thing’ which promotes the Quality of Balance.

/ /

How to have your existence synchronized with all that there is

The 7 Energy Centres, to me, correspond to 7 Broad Divisions of the 3rd Density Mind. Each of these 7 energy centers covers a vast range of mental territory: in terms of emotions, attitudes, biases, understandings, reflections, seeking, queries, and confusions. These aspects can be more strongly pronounced at some stages (in terms of expression), and maybe more dimly present at others stages (when things aren’t triggered). And so the Presence and the Experience of a Human Entity is always in some kind of flux or development: it’s really not possible to definitively pinpoint where someone’s Experience is.

However – there are broad brushstrokes which have been written down over time, and the energy centers do carry some ‘History’; in the sense that if we have made strong Conclusions about things (positive biases, negative biases, biases of Avoidance), then these Things can act as a Baseline for our Response to Reality.

So in terms of ‘Alignment’, and the previous two Questions, when the Energy Centres are supple and crystallized enough, then one is effortlesly within the Experience; sort of as a seamless actor.

One is then ‘tuned’, as far as it is possible for a 3d Mind, with the Situation and the Experience that we have chosen ourselves to be in.

Again, this is a Process of ongoing Adjustments; as when Catalyst is triggered, it is an opportunity to extend one’s Range of Adaptability.

So it’s not something which happens in an Instant; it’s more an Approach and an Attitude towards Self-Understanding.

/ /

Can forces of negative polarity be transcended completely

Yes, I do believe so. If the Positive Polarity is based on the simple principle of Acceptance, then the negative polarity speaks to the Power and Application of the concept of Control.

So anytime we witness aspects of Control within our own Consciousness, it’s an Opportunity to transmute that Approach into something more gentle, more integrative, more understanding, and more Loving. This is not always the easiest to do: as Control can express itself in very subtle ways; ways that we never really realized until it’s brought to our Attention in some way. And secondly, Control can seem like the easiest option to take, even when we become aware of it in our Own Habits. It seems safer, more reliable, more empowering. To transmute that approach into Acceptance/Understanding usually requires a level of self-honesty which is quite revealing of deeper fears and motivations, and that’s not where most people want to go. It’s vulnerable.

I think your Question may also speak to how one deals with the negative polarity in an external sense; as to how to counter or possibly be outside of it’s sphere of Influence. My Belief is that as we balance those Control Aspects within ourself, the negatives have less of a ‘foothold’ in our Consciousness, and we are less able to be manipulated and directed by them; whether consciously, or unconsciously (without our Knowledge).

This may be a hard thing to say to someone caught in the throes of a Negative Situation (with a perceived Oppressor, etc). But as we Balance ourselves, these Individuals/Groups have less of an Opportunity to play upon fear/separation, and so they will just become gradually more Impotent. They, in turn, will try to escalate things, to try to force the Issue, but this is only a Temporary Effect. Earth is an inevitable 4d positive Location.

So I think it’s best to see these things as Opportunities, above all else. When we are triggered, and find aspects of Control within our own Consciousness, it’s like something calling for more Attention. It’s really a Gift, in other Words!!


Letter 3


Is self liberation possible in this lifetime? And do you know what it is like to experience that.

Yes, I do think so. But one also has to query what one intends by ‘self liberation’. For a lot of people, there is some ‘baggage’ attached to this term, and they are really referencing something in their personal lives that they wish could ‘disappear’ or be resolved, that they don’t know how to deal with. And so one has to be careful that Spirituality is not utilized as a means of Avoidance, or not dealing with the harsh parameters of living a 3d Life.

But in terms of the General Nature of your Query, I would say that (once again!) it ties back into the notion of Balance that I talked about in the previous Reply.

Self-Liberation (as an Ideal) speaks to an unrestricted outpouring of Compassion, and hence one is not offended or separate from all other Aspects of the Experienced Creation.

But it’s not a condition that you have to ‘try’ to Express; it’s more like the Natural Consequence of a certain kind of Perspective. When one is able to ‘comprehend’ Unity, then Compassion is like the most natural way of engaging with parts of that Unity. It just feels like you are helping and assisting yourself, being supportive, because they are just other aspects or representations of the One Common Whole. There is only One Consciousness/Beingness in other Words. And it’s being experienced *right now*. So the Opportunity for comprehension (even for a brief time!) is always there.

So to answer the Second Part of your Question: yes, I have experienced it in Moments. I think almost every aware individual has. But no, it’s not an Ongoing State of Mind, as I still have patterns and issues to resolve in myself, which I dutifully apply myself to almost every day 🙂

/ /

What sort of people gain access to cosmic power?

I think Dedication is a pre-requisite. Whether Dedication in this lifetime, or a Former One.

Ra does mention that some people do experience ‘random holes’ in their energetic Field, which allows some kind of ‘connection’ to the cosmic currents and Flows. But in those Cases, it’s rarely able to be fully Directed, and so the Person has a hard time trying to manage ‘it’.

For people (whether positive or negative), these Abilities are usually unlocked after a long period of Seeking, again, whether it’s in this Lifetime, or a previous one. And one may have had ‘Abilities’ in a former Lifetime that are not activated in the current one. That’s ok. We each choose Lives to learn certain things, and not all are based on esoteric or spiritual Know-How.

But yes, I do think that Dedication is probably the most important Quality when it comes to these Things.

/ /

Do you study esoteric subjects such as astrology, magick, or tarot?

Ra’s system of the Tarot (the Major Arcana) is the thing which I gravitated to most. It just seemed the best Explanation for me, as an operating level of Consciousness. Ie, it seemed to best account for how we process and integrate aspects of Catalyst.

So I first came across the Law of One maybe 8-9 years ago, and it was one of the Things which I sunk my teeth into. I just liked it’s System and how Comprehensive it claimed to be.

So as a ‘System of Archetypes’, it’s the one which I comprehend the most. I do like aspects of Astrology, but I’ve never gotten to the level of being able to do a Horoscope or what-not. I’ve just utilized it as best I can to better understand the Influences in myself. For eg, I have quite a few Earth Signs in my Chart, and so that Element of ‘Practicality’ has definitely been a big part of how I’ve navigated my Experience.

I did read through a few books on magick when I first started delving into this metaphysical/spiritual space. But all the ritualistic components sort of turned me off, and so I never really practiced it, or used it as a system of knowing.

I’ve found (in my own Journey) that doorways have always opened at the right time, and don’t need to be forced as such. Just my personal experience 🙂

/ /

Do you believe e.t.’s are currently assisting world affairs and is it possible for the average person to make contact with them with the right approach?

The Free Will aspect is probably the biggest part of that Question.

Yes, I do think that 3d is a kind of ‘battleground’ for both 4d Positives, and 4d Negatives. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the movie Constantine (it also was turned into a one season tv series, being based on a DC Comic), but I think that captures well (in a fictional form) the concept that Influence is the big thing for these 4d groups. They want to assist in polarizing (in their chosen direction), and 3d is a great place where this ‘Intersection’ takes place.

But the seeking of the Residents/Inhabitants is the biggest factor in that. That is, those Biases have to be there in the first place, before it can be intensified. And, of course, each human being probably has a mixture of both motivations (both positive and negative), and hence they can be influenced in both ways.

But in terms of your Question about World Affairs, yes, I would say that they both influence both the leadership, as well as important type events/scenarios. One big piece of Evidence for that seems to be the Sighting of many UFOs around known nuclear missile silos. Many insiders claim that the warheads/arsenals are subsequently ‘neutralised’, and so even if those particular missiles were fired, there would be no nuclear component to cause Destruction.

In terms of the ‘average person’, I would also say yes, although it’s not based on my personal experience. I’ve found that my most intense metaphysical ‘contact’ happens through the dream world, and I’m pretty sure I’m being influenced/guided/prodded by positive forces, even though they don’t reveal themselves outright.

I think you were more asking about a physical-type Encounter, maybe even in a lucid state of dreaming/sleep. Yes, I do think those things are possible, and even invocable. But I’ve never gone down the road of investigating how to make that a practical possibility.


Letter 4


How to get rid of childish notions and mindsets that have stayed with us?

The thing is, I think that there are portions of every Consciousness which are somewhat underdeveloped, and haven’t really ‘kept pace’ with the rest of us. It’s like some attitudes are stuck as a 3 year old, or a 7 year old, or an early teenager. We had experiences at each of those ages, we formed an ‘Attitude’ or ‘Approach’, and then we stuck with it, despite contrary evidence because it was the easiest or safest thing to do. Habits and Routines are easier than coming up with new Understandings or Relationships to experience.

So I think openness is the key Element in continuing to grow. If we are ‘Open’, then lots of things can happen. If we are ‘Closed’, then we are less likely to adapt to new and changing circumstances.

But that’s easier said that done. Like I said, a lot of these ‘childish’ patterns and mindsets are there for a Reason. They make us feel subjectively safer (whether they really make us feel safer is another Question though :D).

/ /

How to differentiate between reality and illusion (how to disable self-delusion)?

This ties into the previous Answer – that of ‘Openness’. If we are open to our Situation, Circumstances, and Environment, then it will provide us corrective ‘Feedback’ when we do stray into too many self-involved Thoughts, ie what you call ‘delusion’.

Reality already ‘exists’; all we need to do is recognise it for what it is.

So when we find ourselves in a situation of ‘Denial’, that is usually a strong Indicator that we are ‘resisting’ what Reality is communicating to us. Again, this is a subtle thing to discern and observe in the Mind, as we have gotten used to certain styles of Thinking, and just assume that they are functional and a true representation of ‘Reality’. That is not always the Case.

Being open to contrary opinions is a way of seeing how ‘flexible’ our Mindset is. Not that all contrary opinions have value or Truth; it’s just that if we are aligning to correct principles ourselves, those contrary opinions shouldn’t phase us at all. We are already experiencing the ‘Truth’ and so those other things can’t shake us. That’s the test, of course. More often than not, we aren’t so sure of ourselves, and so there’s still stuff to be more open and embracing of, as a way of exploring our leftover self-delusions.

/ /

How to be genuine?

I think it takes two to be Genuine. You can’t be genuine in a vacuum. And so if you feel like you can’t have an open and direct conversation with someone, then it’s most likely being ‘stunted’ at one or both ends. And that’s ok. It’s just not the right time or situation for open sharing.

The key then is not to be too harsh on oneself (or the other) for that lack of connection. It’s ok if things aren’t compatible, at that exact moment in time. Things can change, people can grow, common experiences can bond people.

I think you can respect the ‘natural space’ of something, and also allow it the future potential for something else, if genuineness isn’t there right now in the present time.

/ /

How to manifest self-love

To me, this ties into Ra’s description of the orange-ray center, the second chakra. Self-love is an aspect of self-acceptance. And the greatest self-acceptance usually ties into how we approach our Personality and our Desires. Seeing that they are quite natural and spontaneous, and allowing them ‘Space’ in which to be experienced. That doesn’t mean we should just act out everything that comes to Mind. Not everything is a good idea! But one can allow it space in consciousness to play out, and just observe it as a more objective Witness. If there is something to be learnt from it, or concrete action is available, then by all means, it can be acted upon. But I think allowing ‘space’ for our Personality and our Desires is the key to self-acceptance.

Those who have grown up in a religious background (or had authoritarian parents) usually have been ‘told’ that it’s bad to allow this Space for oneself, and that things have to be controlled or regulated. That is the thing which I’ve observed most strongly inhibits this self-acceptance / self-freedom aspect.

So a kind of gentleness and self-allowance opens up this space. Again, that isn’t a call to be reckless and unthinking, and just act out the very first thing that comes to our Minds. But it is saying that we should give ourselves the internal Freedom to witness what does come up in Consciousness, and allowing to exist, in it’s own right. What is not needed, then falls away, once we’ve given it some gentle Examination. What sticks with us, then is capable of generating further Fruit, as it’s there for a reason that we find personally intriguing, for some reason that we aren’t so clear about at that particular time.

/ /

How to find true love (twin flame)

This is an eternally fascinating Question, because, you know, one’s perfect partner/mate is probably thinking the exact same thing in their room, at the same time you are. Where is my buddy, my complementary piece, who can act as a lifetime companion for this Mutual Learning Journey?

I can’t say that I’ve found the Answer, myself.

When I look at the Experience of Others, it appears that some meet their Perfect Match at a young age, barely out of high school. And they are still together (happily), so many years later. Others go through a set of serial, long term pairings, before they finally settle on the ‘One’. Others seem to be single for a long time, and then they work through whatever inhibitations/patterns that they had, and then the ‘time is right’, and the cosmos just brings two people together, in the most bizarre ways.

So I don’t think there’s any one ‘route’ by which one arrives at the Twin Flame. I’m sure pre-incarnative programming plays a big part in this. That there is an element of destiny and timing which is perhaps beyond our direct, conscious Influence. But that isn’t a lot of Consolation for someone who may be feeling the pangs of love, and desiring a strong, workable bond with a Mate.

I think one can stay ‘open’, but without leaning too strongly towards over-activeness/over-passiveness in regards to this Issue. When one should act, then one should, but if there are no opportunities to do so, then there’s no need to beat oneself up over it 🙂


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