A Wanderer’s Last Home

Garry Fung attended the L/L Homecoming event in Louisville, Ky, this last September.  This is a group of spiritual seekers that have studied the Law of One material.  During that program, a presentation was given, which covered the hypnotic regression of someone that had lived on another planet before coming to incarnate here on Earth.  Garry requested the transcript of that presentation to be shared with the followers of this blog.  This is a posting of that transcript.

I’ve been talking to folks here at Homecoming and it seems like everybody is quite aware that we live a cycle of lives. We reincarnate, we come back and experience things over and over. And a few folks here in this group actually have access to some of those memories. I know Eddy and Felix and Katy have spoken about their ability to at times go back and get glimpses.  Some of us are not quite as gifted as they are. In my particular case, I was using a skilled hypnotist in a regression that gave me some insight into a past life experience that probably many people in this circle have shared.  We, in this group, probably sometimes have not felt really at home here on this planet and in this experience.  We feel a little like we’re possibly from someplace else.  Well, I’m going to be describing someplace else, because my regression did share an interesting story that possibly resonates with some of you.

So,I am going to talk about a life that occurred before this life on this planet.  The life I’m talking about occurred someplace else.  

This all started with past regressions.  Don Elkins and Carla were dealing with a regression back in 1975.  And in this regression Carla described a marvelous story about life someplace else before she came here.  During this regression, she identified several people that she knew in this life from her past life.

 Now, how does that work? How do you identify someone; that’s hard to explain if you haven’t been in that experience.  I heard that I had been identified in a regression; I thought well, how did you identify me? The face? The body? It’s all different. How do you know somebody from that life was somebody you know in this life? And the answer is: It’s the vibration. There’s a feeling. We each have a fingerprint of sorts that is who we are.  So, you look at someone in a past life and they’re another person.  But you know that person in this life; you just absolutely know it.  How do you know it? Again, tough to explain, but it is real.  I experienced that.  And I didn’t understand it very well before I went into my regression.  But in the regression there were some people there that I absolutely knew for certain were people I knew here  and it was kind of exciting.  

 Carla recognized in her regression Sally D and Beth H in that incarnation.  Later they were both regressed.  In their regression, they had the same marvelous story about the place that Carla described.  Wow! Bringing some credibility it seemed to this wonderful story. But there was a problem because they had heard Carla’s story before they were regressed.  They expected to see Carla there, they expected to see this planet they’d heard about, so they had the same story. So, while they, all three now, had been to the same marvelous place during a regression, there was a little bit of a problem that maybe their stories were not real, maybe they were imagined. 

 So, there was a test case they could run and that test case was to regress someone that had not heard their stories.  Beth had identified me in her regression.  I was regressed without hearing the stories of the other three, as an opportunity just to get from someone else “what is the story there? Is this real? Or is this what we want to see?” So, I was not encumbered with the pre-knowledge of their regressions.

 Linda thought this experience might be interesting to this group, because we have been studying the Ra material and some of this extraterrestrial story that we’ve been hearing for the last number of decades. All of us are attracted to this story, because we probably are extraterrestrials. Maybe not last life, maybe several lives back. So, Linda encouraged me to describe my story.  This will be the first time I have told the whole story beyond a few superficial comments. 

 Preparing for this story, Jim M sent me the regressions from Beth, from Carla and from Sally. I had never seen their regressions before.  So it was my first opportunity to read their stories, and read in those stories about things I saw but I didn’t talk about. The hypnotist, when he takes you into regression, he’ll ask you what you’re seeing. He will take you to a place and ask you to describe what you’re seeing. You simply answer the question, but do not describe all that you see.

 So, if I’m describing a building, I may be seeing a lot of other stuff going on, but I’m not giving that in the transcript. I’m just answering the question. When I was reading the other transcripts, I’m seeing in their words lots of things that I saw while I was there but I didn’t describe in my transcript, just as they would have seen, if they were reading my transcript.  I happen to have a science background.  I’m talking about buildings and their architecture.  These are things that they saw, but they didn’t describe; just as they were describing things in their transcripts that I saw.  That gave the story a lot more credibility when we are describing the same things from different perspectives.   

 So, I appreciate Jim sending me those transcripts. As I go through this story for a few minutes, I’m going to be describing chiefly my story.  I’m going to throw in some observations from the other’s transcripts where they describe things they were talking about. things that I didn’t personally see in my regression.

 When I was regressed, I found myself on a lovely planet.  This is an incredible experience; it still remains very sharp in my mind.  It’s amazing how a skilled hypnotist can take you back to an experience like that, and it’s almost as if you’ve lived it yourself.  And in a sense, we did live it ourselves. When we go back, it’s now in our conscious mind; that veil of forgetting is not in the way.

 So, I recognized people by their vibration, even though they were in a different body. I’m there in this new place, it’s a beautiful place. I would describe it as heavenly, but we’re not talking about angels floating around with their wings and stroking a harp. That would be rather boring. This is an incarnate experience. We’re living in a body. You live and you eventually die. So, it’s not that different from a human experience here, but it still was quite different and quite exciting.

 When I first showed up in this regression, I’m looking across a field, sloping field down to a forest.  The hypnotist asked me to turn around, and as I turn around, I see this huge temple complex.  A beautiful complex further up the hill.  He guides me to walk to that temple.  I cross a large platform or plaza that I’ll describe a little later. It’s a plaza that airships came in on, as people would come to the temple complex and leave from there.  I’m crossing that, I take a few steps up and I’m going through a couple of large open doors, as I enter the main temple.  It’s much like you might imagine a gothic cathedral that you’re going into, but it’s much brighter.  It’s not the darkness that we’d see in the renaissance age gothic look. This is much brighter.

 Upon entering, I hear a choir singing. I hear music, but I am not aware there are any instruments or a recording. There is just music in the air and a choir singing praises.  As I come in, it’s a huge sanctuary.  But there were no columns.  With our technology, in the gothic cathedrals, you’d have columns holding up these huge, massive stone roofs.  Well, this was made from stone, but there were no columns.  This massive roof, domed roof, was supported by the walls.  And I noticed there were no shadows.  This is a bright place.  There are no shadows, yet there are no lights. 

 The reason is the stone, which looks like marble, is much less dense, not as heavy as marble.  And it gives off a glow.  So, the building didn’t need lights.  The stone itself emitted light.  So, you walk in and this huge sanctuary has a soft brightness, because the stone itself actually emanated the light.  Again, something I’m describing that the others hadn’t talked about. When they’re reading my transcript, they go, “Oh, wow! Yeah, that’s right!”  It was pretty cool.

 As I come in, this is a large sanctuary.  There are no pews.  When people would come into this building, they’re sitting on the ground and they’re participating in what we might describe as a sermon.  But it was a little different than that, and I’ll touch base on that a little bit later.  But the people, when there was a service that’s going on in this sanctuary, they would be arriving by these airships. This was something that DonE was interested in when he was asking questions through the hypnotist.  We were looking at ships that were oblong, about a 100 feet long and 50 feet wide.  Metallic on the outside.  But something that was very interesting is when you step inside, they were much larger on the inside than they appeared to be on the outside.  Again, something to do with their technology there.  You have something a hundred by 50 feet and you walk inside and it’s basically enormous. So, it could carry a lot more people than you would think it would be able to. There was no sound, no mechanical propulsion.  There were pilots that essentially navigated where the airships would go, but they actually moved by the will of the people on the ship.

 So, the combined will of the passengers moved the ships.  They were piloted in the sense of coordinates, the ships were being guided by an actual pilot. That was interesting that you are not dealing with a mechanical propulsion. It was the “oneness” of everybody’s mind that actually moved the ships.

 I remember meals in a dining hall.  This was kind of interesting to me. Our meals were simple, always vegan; we did not have sugary deserts. [group laughter] There was a brief time of worship before the meals; we were thankful for our food.  We thanked the planet and the Creator for providing the bounty.  Long tables arranged in a U shape.  The more elderly people sat at the head of the table with progressively younger people along the sides of the U.  And the seating was based on wisdom and service, not on any status.  There was no such status in that environment.  The meal was delicious: a rich barley-based soup with vegetables, there were wonderful smelling whole grain breads, there were platters of fresh fruits and vegetables.  And we would all sit and have this meal together. The drink was a fruit-based nectar, or a water.

 We had language, but there wasn’t a lot spoken.  We didn’t have a lot of conversation, we primarily communicated through mental telepathy.  We had given names, but we didn’t really use them.  We knew if someone wanted us.  Each of us were asked by the hypnotist what our name was, and we struggled.  We just didn’t recall a name.  If someone wanted you, you knew they wanted you.  Imagine being in a large room with lots of people and lots of conversations going on.  You’re not paying attention to the other conversations, you’re listening to the conversation you are having.  But, if someone mentions your name behind you, you pick up on that.  Well, that’s the sort of way mental telepathy worked.  You knew if someone wanted you.  You could listen in on other people’s thought, but you just wouldn’t.  It wouldn’t even occur to you to listen in on other people’s thoughts.  If a thought was for you, you were aware of it.  If it wasn’t for you, you didn’t pay attention to it.  It wasn’t a thing of courtesy.  It’s just you wouldn’t listen in on somebody else’s thoughts.  You would send a thought to someone and they were aware and they would communicate back with you.  And the communication was so much clearer.

 This was a place of love and worship.  We all had work to do.  This is not heavenly in the sense where you’re just leaning back on couches eating grapes all day. We did have work to do.  We had missions.  But it didn’t feel like a chore.  We were delighted to provide our service.  We were tired at the end of the day, but we felt good about our contributions.  There was so much love and joy in the environment. 

 I’ll step away from my notes for a moment to describe it as an environment where there was a lot of worship.  Now you think of worship as gathering together in a sanctuary and having a worship service.  That’s not the way the worship was.  The Creator was not desiring to be worshipped.  The worship was something you desired to do, and it wasn’t worship necessarily in a group.  It was through the course of the day.  You see a flower, you appreciate the flower, the beauty of the flower.  In a sense, that was worshipping the creation.  You see a sunset and you take a moment appreciating it and being thankful.  And that, in a sense, was worship.  Through the course of the day, you sought moments to worship, or moments of gratefulness.  This was the route to a quintessential happiness that you felt all the time because you were working and contributing.  But, it was a state of worshipfulness that you lived in.  A really delightful way to live. 

 Everyone was happy with the work they did.  We took care and pride in doing it well.  We were all serving the Creator.  There was no status, no single job was higher than somebody else’s job.

 There were teachers, there were people working in the gardens, there were cooks.  But, everybody’s job was a service to everyone else and a service to the Creator.  There was no status associated with that.    

 The people in the temple were considered family.  And I’m going to refer to some things in Carla’s regression.  She described she had 7 or 8 parents.  Well, she had two biological parents, but there were other parents that she considered parents that were part of the greater family she described as the clan.  There were other students, I mean other children.  And all of those children, whether they were biological brothers and sisters or not, didn’t make a difference.  They were all brothers and sisters.  The greater clan was all one family.  There were mated pairs that had their own rooms, but everybody was all one family. 

 Now Carla was apparently from another planet at birth and had made a decision to join the clan that was working out of this particular, we’ll call it a temple complex or monastery, a holy center.  She had the capability of moving in and out of the body and through dimensions.  She had an interesting form of service.  Carla actually went to other planets, much like a missionary, but not an “in your face” missionary “This is the truth – believe this book.”  It wasn’t like that.  They went to serve developing civilizations.  So these were underdeveloped planets.  They went to serve. They couldn’t just show up, “land on the White House lawn” and say “This is the truth.”  No.  They were there, but in an unseen way.  If they were there visible, they would be worshipped as gods.  If they’re worshipped as gods, they’re not providing the service the way they need to: people must use their free will to choose which way to go. 

 The way they would serve would be to give guidance.  How would you give guidance?  You might be in touch with the shaman and helping him in dreams.  Or a community leader, helping them through moments of contemplation, prayer rituals, something like a sweat lodge. So, they’re helping them gain these concepts, but without coming there and teaching in person.  That’s how their clan worked.  She went from planet to planet and then she would come back to her home planet.  So that was interesting. 

 Now Beth and I were teachers.  And we would be teaching students that would come to live and learn in the temple complex.  They would typically show up about 8 years old, maybe, and they would learn until they were young adults. Then they would go off and do their service.  Some of the people there were actually children from that temple complex, born into families there, but many came from elsewhere.  People would make that choice when they were about 8 years old, or what we would think of as 8 years old. They make a choice whether they’re going to stay in their clan of service or they’re going to go someplace else.  When I’m talking about clans of service, this particular one was a spiritual group, but there would be people that might be involved with infrastructure, or clans that work with administration of the planet.  We might call it government.  So everybody had their service.  No service was greater than anyone else’s.  Everybody was serving the Creator. 

 There was no concept of time.  This is kind of interesting. The hypnotist takes you back and you’re 10 years old, you’re 15 years old, you’re 20 years old.  And we all struggled with that because there was no concept of time.  We could imagine a child, a teenager, a young adult.  But we couldn’t imagine years.  We just didn’t have that concept.  There was no time.  There was no clock on the wall telling us when it was time to do something.  When a meal was ready, we knew a meal was ready, and we went and had a meal together.  And when somebody needed us to do something, we knew we needed to do something, and you did it.  You just didn’t deal with the concept of time.  Or the stress of doing something at a certain time.  It was just not that way.

 There was no hot and cold.  There were no seasons.  The temperature was always moderate.  This particular planet didn’t have a moon.  The sky was always beautiful.  Pitch black with brilliant stars.  It was a delight to look at.  We of course had clouds, but on a clear night the sky was a delight to look at. 

 As we approached the end of our lives, we already knew of our next mission.  How did we know of that next mission?  Well, we didn’t have this veil between us and the Creator.  We were in touch, in a sense, with the Creator or through our higher selves.  We knew if the Creator wanted us to do something different.  At the end of this life, when it was time to go on and do something else, we were excited to have the opportunity to go do something else.  In a sense, you think, well, you’re leaving that place, you’re going to come to a third world environment, and you’re excited about that? That – let’s leave heaven and go to purgatory? Hmmmm . . . [laughs]  Well, yes, you were excited.  You were excited because you’re serving your fellow man.  You’re serving the Creator.  This is what I’m called to do.  How do I know I’m called?  Well, my higher self is in touch with the Creator and I’m communicating with my higher self clearly, because I’m in an environment where we just KNOW stuff.  And it was really cool. 

 Beth and I were teachers.  Imagine what we just did with Seth.  He’s teaching us about the archetypes.  We’re dealing with some tough concepts here.  A lot of language is going on as we’re each trying to share with each other what the archetypes mean.  Imagine teaching with mental telepathy.  You’re sharing a concept directly with that student.  If they’re not understanding it, you KNOW what they’re missing.  You can share that concept, the picture, they can see it in your mind.  How much more efficient would that be for teaching?

 We’re teaching these kids, they’re showing up about 8 and they’re leaving at what we think about maybe 16 or 18 years old as young adults.  They’d haven’t just gone through primary and secondary school.  They’ve gotten it all, because it’s so much more efficient when you’re communicating through mental telepathy.  You’re sharing concepts.  Someone like me who is a teacher who has had more life experience can distill that down and share it with a 15 year old in a way that they don’t have to live through all of that to pick it up, and then they’re taking off from there. So that was pretty cool. 

 So, at the end of my life, I passed away.  Beth, who was my wife on that planet, she was sad, but she knew that she would be joining me in this next life.  We’d both agreed on a mission.  She was just waiting for that time to come.  And then eventually she passed.  We came to this plane.  I remember showing up to the Earth plane.  I could see the Earth.  I’m just the light and there are two other lights there.  My two sisters and I were all just lights. I could feel very clearly know this light was Beth.  This other light was Dot.  Then, like a meteor coming in was another light.  This was my brother who actually came into the family late, and he was the third light that showed up there, or the fourth counting me. 

 We knew who our parents were going to be.  We had made an agreement that we were going to come into that family before we showed up.  We knew some of what we were going to experience.  So there was an agreement among us all that we were going to be a family unit, and that family unit was going to give us the foundation that we would need in order to be of the service that we had chosen to be on this planet.

 And what was that service? The service was to help raise the vibration of the planet through whatever vocation that we chose to do during the course of time.  That wasn’t the important thing.  The important thing was we were to bring additional love and light to the planet.  And that’s what all of us from our clan agreed to do.  And there are several people that have been in this group that are part of that clan.  Jim, of course, was part of that clan.  I didn’t recognize him there because at the time of my regression, I didn’t know Jim.  Had I known Jim, I probably would have recognized him there because he was there apparently with Carla. 

 Don was there.  Don was actually a higher density fellow that was at one of the services in the sanctuary.  He was the one that would be at the podium, or the – what would be the lectern.  He is not speaking.  He’s there and he is sharing concepts with everybody through mental telepathy.  So, everybody is getting pure concept instead of having to stumble over language.  You might have people from very far away that may not actually be from that planet or use the same language.  But when you’re communicating telepathically, you don’t have the burdens of language. 

 So, that was real quickly what I experienced.  First time I’ve ever chosen to describe it this way.  I want to leave just a little bit of time if anybody had any questions about that experience.

[woman speaking: I just want to say that if any of you want to read the direct transcript, if you look in the Volume One of the, the Law of One, on page 36.  It describes about 10 pages of his experience.  Don says there was a young engineering student from U of L that they’d chosen to regress, and that person was Morris.  So you can read direct quotes from his experience in the Law of One.] [25:18]

 [Gary: garbled “We have this question: Ra described 4th density as a situation wherein disharmony within the self is impossible and disharmony between people is impossible.  Did you experience that dimension in your regression?]

 There was no disharmony.  That is for sure.  What we were learning to do was to refine our ability to love.  And that was exciting to do because you really wanted to, you had deep desire, you wanted to love, you wanted to serve.  And you got great joy out of your serving.

 [Gary: So, would you say it was shared vision, shared desire to love, was that which precluded disharmony?]

 Disharmony never occurred.  [laughs]  I mean, you just didn’t . . . You loved everybody around you.  You’d shared ideas.  If somebody had a different idea, you’re sharing concepts.  You didn’t have to agree.  But there was none . . . disharmony didn’t happen.  Yeah. That’s kind of that heavenly experience we talked about.  I mean, it was a lot of love [laughs] you find a way to deal with things that might be disharmonious here.  We didn’t have that experience there.

 John. [John: “Could you say another word about lessons of love for finding someone what was the lines of thought [garbled] . . .” ]

 There was great desire to love more deeply.  Everybody just had that desire.

 [John: “Yeah, but what were you taught that allowed you to love more deeply?”]

 I don’t know. It wasn’t painful lessons like we might have here sometimes. Hard lessons.  It was opportunities to love more deeply.  And you all had a great desire to, but they weren’t difficult lessons.  I mean here, we have things like sickness, and painful experiences.  We didn’t have illness there.  We didn’t have painful experiences.  I suppose someone could get hurt, you could cut a finger and you would have to heal in a normal way.  But there weren’t illness-type issues. As far as lessons, there weren’t painful lessons.  You had great desire to learn, and to continue to refine your ability to love.  It was your personal desire that drove you to continue to refine your ability.   

[Jeremy: “Yes.  Were you able to positively identify these food groups that you said were laid out?  Did they look familiar, or were they just looking like fruit?”

 Well, they looked like fruits and veggies, and since veggies were on one platter, fruits were on another.  Veggies tended to be greener; fruits tended to have more colors, but they weren’t just like our varieties here on earth.

 [Jeremy: “did you see like an apple”]

 I didn’t see an apple or a banana.  There was a platter of colorful “fruit” that were on a platter that I “knew” was for fruit.

 [Woman: “There was a barley soup.”] [group laughter]

 Well, it reminded me of a barley soup, so it was a grain soup of some sort.  I believed you were next?

 [Questioner: “Yes, two questions. No meat?  There was no meat?”]

 No meat. In fact, that brings up an interesting point.  I had the impression of animals.  But I never saw any animals.  For example, if you don’t eat meat, you don’t have chickens, you don’t have cows.  There was gardening going on, but I doubt that we were using horses to pull a plow.  So I had the impression of animals, but I remember looking for animals and not seeing birds but knowing they were there.  And that was puzzling to me.  But we didn’t have any meat. 

 [Questioner: “And you might have said this already, but was this a 5th density planet or a fourth?

 I’m assuming 4th density.  Hmmm.  And you were next?

 [Questioner: “Were you assuming that, or knew that?”]

 I am assuming that.  I don’t know for sure what density this planet was.

 [Other voice: “In the Ra contact, so they wouldn’t have had the term for 4th density probably”

 I’m assuming that.  I believe you were next?

 [Questioner: “Yeah. The civilizations that were being helped, like what were they, do you remember what they were like? Or . . .”]

 Well, Carla described them as being somewhat of a, an early form of civilization.  Maybe not Neanderthal, but I forget what word she used in her description.  But we’re talking about early tribal environment, and dealing with helping them advance their civilization without impinging upon their free will. 

 [Questioner: “And did you see Don? And what did he look like, and what was he . . .”

 Well Don was a guy leading a service, I remember, when he was up at the podium, or the lectern. And he was sharing concept with the group.  But he was there as a teacher. He was a visiting teacher when I saw him come through.  And I’m going to have to wrap this up.  Fox?

 [Fox: “I just wondered if you could share a little bit how that having this information affected you in this life?”]  

 I don’t know that it affected me. I was already feeling good about my spiritual growth.  If it did anything, it made me feel that I wasn’t doing enough!  [everyone laughing]  Golly!  I’ve had this background, I really should be doing a lot more than I’m doing!  [group laughter]  I have a certain responsibility.  [laughter]  So, if anything, it was a greater sense of responsibility to do more.  But I was already very oriented to serve with others anyhow, it’s just a greater sense that I must not be doing enough. 

 [Questioner: “Did it affect your relationship with the other people that you knew came with you?”]

 I can’t say that it did, no.  I can’t say that it did, then. This last question.  What’s up?

 [Questioner: “I just would like to know if you could give an example of what kind of refinement to love, what would they do to refine a way to love more deeply?”]

 What would you do.  This was all within the mind and heart.  And this is just, in a sense, a going from a point of beingness and doing what you’re doing, to where more of the time your spent in worship and joy and sharing with all that’s around you.  It’s just an appreciation of the creation more, if I can say it that way.  Gratefulness might be one word I could use that describes it better.  The more grateful you are, which I would say is also a type of worship. As you went through life experience, you found that continued to be more refined, that you felt a greater oneness with your fellow man and the Creator through the course of your life. [“Thank you.”] We’re done.  Anybody have a question?



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