About the Authors


Site Manager for this little project.

The Law of One has been the basis of my philosophy for many a year now. It has occupied my consciousness and Thoughts; and the drive to understand and comprehend it has led to many inner changes: balance leads to understanding, and understanding promotes further Balance.

I am based in Sydney, Australia.


Mike Wirth

I am currently working on an educational venture that relates to research and development of New Age and New Era philosophy. It is clearly based on the Monism philosophy of the Law of One and is intended to assist the future 4th density interests of the people of Earth.

Jeremy Weiland

Jeremy Weiland is a software developer, writer, musician, and activist.

Diana Fisher

Diana Fisher is a serial entrepreneur, animal lover, award-winning author and illustrator, and has been frequently sighted debating cosmologies at any given moment in spacetime.

Jade Norby



I am just someone living their life who stumbled on the Ra Material. It has become the core of my world philosophy, although I have built upon that as a foundation and borrow some philosophy from the Seth channelings. I hope to offer a coherent viewpoint on some of the most important concepts in the Law of One material and compatible philosophies.

If you are interested in my back story or how an atheist could have come to believe in this material, please read my “Former Atheist’s Perspective” article.