Video Playlist

these are not necessarily spiritually-related videos.  Not in a direct way.  But they do showcase the diversity (and uniqueness) of the Creator’s Insights and Experiences.  These are being listed here as ‘food for thought’, and nothing else.  May interesting tidbits find you!!

I also have a Journal/Diary where I document my day-to-day Experiences and Insights.  It’s on Bring4th.  [Locative Instigation]


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Jan 2: Peace Trail with Neil Young (music)


/ / 2016 / /


Dec 22: Bitcoins Explained

Dec 22: Jackie Chan’s Stuntwork (amazing!)

Dec 21: “The Sum of All Knowledge” with Katherine Maher

Dec 20: Scott Weaver’s toothpick sculpture

Dec 14: The Connected Universe

Dec 14: Why Grades Shouldn’t Exist

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Nov 13: Nick Offerman on Woodworking

Nov 3: Vampire Bats

Nov 1: Benjamin Bergen: on Profanity

Oct 28: Deep Mandelbrot Zoom

Oct 22: Movement Expert: Gray Cook

Oct 19: Interview with Keith Maitland